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shamrocks and clothespins thepaintedapron.com

Creations, Painting Shamrocks

Lucky you, today you can paint your own 4 leaf clover! No more back breaking searches for the elusive green lucky charm, now you can paint your own whenever you want! To paint a shamrock, or a 3 or 4 leaf clover, you just need some hearts Painting hearts is easy, if you need a … Continue reading

shamrocks and gold table thepaintedapron.com

Tablescapes, Paint the Table Green!

I am joining the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl at Cuisine Kathleen for St. Patrick’s Day, and painting the table Green! It’s overflowing with shamrocks and pots of gold! Pinch me for luck if you dare There’s plenty of gold flowing everywhere You’ll get plenty of luck if you pull up a chair What’s your … Continue reading

jambalaya thepaintedapron.com

Take-out Tuesday, Jambalaya

Let me start by saying I have never made Jambalaya, and haven’t ever cooked creole food, but I wanted to surprise my husband with something “N’awlins” for Mardi Gras I googled recipes for a nano second  researched lots of recipes and based mine on one from Southern Living Everything just happily jumps in the slow … Continue reading

Easter bunny bags thepaintedapron.com

Home Decor, What is your Style?

I took a little quiz over at HomeGoods.com to see what my style is~ It only takes a sec, you can take the quiz here I found out my style is SASSY SASSY style is defined by bright colors, fun patterns and unabashed boldness  ^^’ The SASSY entertainer uses bright colors funky patterns on tables … Continue reading

March paint bucket thepaintedapron.com

The Organized Life, March Paint Bucket

Time for a new monthly recipe inspiration list for March.  I always list many more recipes than I can actually tackle in one month, but I like to have choices and flexibility.  The recipes from other sources I want to try are linked to the original recipe if you want to try them along with … Continue reading

zucchini crusted pizza thepaintedapron.com

Recipe Box, Zucchini Crust Veggie Pizza

You’ve got to try this!! It’s incredible!!  I actually ate some leftover for breakfast 😋 This carb craving, crust loving, bread eating girl, did not miss the traditional crust at all! AND it’s easy to make! Shred zucchini in a food processor, you need 4 cups [2 large zucchini] Microwave it for 6 minutes on … Continue reading

blue painted anchor thepaintedapron.com

Creations, Quick Color Fix

Have you ever found “the perfect accessory” only it’s not the right color? DD and I are working on Baby Boy’s room right now, he’s due in 7 weeks! CC is on hand for assistance, she is currently checking out the new crib for stability The color scheme is blue, white and gray, and the … Continue reading

lady's retreat thepaintedapron.com

Home Decor, Lady’s Retreat, Color Your World!

HH has a huge “Man Cave” on the lowest level of our house, with everything a man could want.  It’s a great place for family fun,  but he often escapes there solo, just to relax. Okay, well… I think I need a Lady’s Retreat~   I have been doing a happy dance, basically, ever since … Continue reading

magic mac & cheese 1 thepaintedapron.com

Take-out Tuesday, Magic Mac & Cheese, 1-2-3

If you’re craving macaroni and cheese, don’t grab that blue box with powdered cheese~ This recipe is just 3 ingredients, milk, pasta and cheese Yep, really!   It is sorta magic… Boil your pasta Shred a flavorful cheese like smoked Gouda or extra sharp cheddar, or use a combo Put well drained pasta into a … Continue reading

red carpet cocktail thepaintedapron.com

Party Panache, Red Carpet Cocktail

This little concoction is guaranteed to make you a celebrity! all you need is a pretty glass, individual dish or compote, and a few basic ingredients, and you will be a rock star Basically it’s a flatbread made with refrigerated pizza crust dough, topped with pesto, Parmesan, chopped pistachios and sesame seeds Unroll the crust … Continue reading


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