mini carrot cakes
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mini carrot cakes

Recipe Box, Baby Carrot Cakes with Brown Sugar Icing and White Chocolate Glaze

I had to make some form of carrot cake for all my bunnies! It couldn’t be easier to whip these babies up~ I used a box of carrot cake mix, and added an extra egg and substituted coconut oil for vegetable oil Line a jelly roll pan with parchment and spray the sides baking spray … Continue reading

garden markers 1

Creations, Garden Stakes

I decided to give my flowers and plants a little encouragement this year some perky painted garden stakes to help them GROW BIG BLOOM and SPROUT Just for fun I glued  beads and bits and pieces on top My little garden girl holds the watering can at the ready the fruit and vegetable patch is … Continue reading

cucumber salad jar

Gifts from the Kitchen, Cool Cucumber Salad

This easy peasy recipe would make a great little gift for your hostess, a healthy treat , and something they could add to the buffet or tuck in their fridge and enjoy later A jar with a cute ribbon and tag will make the recipient  feel very special This is so quick to make, you … Continue reading

ham quiche with veggies

Take-out Tuesday, What’s in the Refrigerator Quiche

What’s for dinner?  Quiche!  Who doesn’t love it, and it’s a perfect way to use up leftover bits of this and that hanging out in your refrigerator.  Make it a super easy one dish meal by using a refrigerated pie crust, or skip the crust and make this crustless! In honor of tax day, my … Continue reading

Balljar bouquet 2

Home Decor, Ball Jar Bouquet

Collect some jars they don’t have to be all the same~ 3 quart jars, 3 pint jars and 1 bud vase in the center Fill the jars half way with water and form a cluster.    Tie together with a ribbon I put 3 large hydrangea blooms in the 3 quart jars and then filled in … Continue reading

carrot patch table

Tablescapes, Lunch in the Carrot Patch

Just like bunnies, I have quite a thing for carrots~ they have sort of multiplied around here just like bunnies! so it was only natural that they all came together   in a carrot patch!                 I bought this carrot basket last year on clearance after Easter It … Continue reading


Recipe Box, Carrot Soup with Coconut Cream

How is your imagination? Okay, now Picture a mug of Carrot Soup set on a brightly decorated spring table with a perfect dollup of coconut cream perched on top… Got it?  Great!!  Because that’s what I had planned for you today…sniffle… Now, the soup itself tasted really good….warm and creamy carrot goodness… Can you see … Continue reading

bacon wrapped pear

Recipe Box, Maple Bacon Wrapped Pear Salad

Pears and bacon make the perfect couple! Wrapping pear slices with bacon and roasting them, takes this couple to celebrity status! It only takes a minute to wrap each pear slice in 1/3 piece of bacon and lay them on a rack over a shallow pan Bake at 400, 30-40 minutes or until bacon is … Continue reading

nest eggs

Tablescapes, “Nest Eggs”

I am participating in a spring challenge at Cuisine Kathleen’s this week, the tablescape must include eggs, nests or birds. I had some bird nests in my winter decor stash, and even though they are painted with gold, when they nestled in by the High Cotton tree, they blended perfectly I gathered brown and white … Continue reading

taco soup bar 3

Take-out Tuesday, Taco Soup Bar

My son emailed me this recipe for taco soup the other day which translates to “why don’t you make this for dinner next time I come over…..” I make Mexican dishes all the time but I’ve never made taco soup I didn’t even change anything!  I almost balked when the directions said not to drain … Continue reading

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