Party Panache, 5 Minute Mystery Dip

Sometimes I am very optimistic about my energy level.  If I can schedule something in advance, I have great confidence that I can get it done, that’s sort of my go to formula, add it to the calendar, and it shall be.  Hmmm…sometimes life will not follow my schedule!! Really, this happens!
Ha, its a good thing that I learned about Plan B a long time ago, and I usually have one rolling around in the back of my mind somewhere.  On this particular day, I had invited some friends over for a glass of wine and a nosh.  No biggie.  This invitation was issued 6 weeks ago when lunching with a friend when we discovered we were both going to be at the beach at the same time, and I invited her and her group to come over for cocktails. She said “Yes!, and we’ll bring the wine and appetizers!”  Wow, ok, sounded good to me.
Fast Forward 6 weeks and instead of arriving the day before as I had planned, picturing the perfectly calm, organized hostess I strive to be, life jumped in and changed my plans and I ended up arriving at my coastal home with a loaded car and not much time before the arrival of my guests.  The house was hot, the  extra wine was hot, I was hot, and alas the hot appetizer I wanted to serve along with what they brought, was not in existence…Not trusting the universe completely, [or my dear friend with bringing bounty] I quickly moved on to Plan B.

Plan B
Throw the wine in the freezer and get out the chips and salsa just in case!
Lucky me, I opened the house and it wasn’t too hot, and there was a lovely breeze on the porch where I wanted to seat my guests, and there was cold wine in the refrigerator!  Phew! Feeling less overwhelmed I thought, I have time to make my back up appetizer,
5 minute mystery dip

I grabbed my favorite platter, and started assembling the dip.  Now remember, this was LAST MINUTE, no time for photos so there are no pictures of the ingredients before preparation.  Just picture a package of cream cheese, a jar of jam, dry roasted peanuts, green onions, bacon and coconut.

See how fast and easy that was!

Ok, here’s what to do:

5 MINUTE MYSTERY DIP   for a printable version click here

1 8 oz block of low fat cream cheese
8-12 oz jam or chutney*
3-4 green onions, sliced
4-6 slices bacon***, cooked and crumbled
4-6 oz dry roasted peanuts, chopped
4-6 oz shredded sweetened coconut

Place cream cheese block on the center of a large platter and spread a thick layer of jam over cream cheese, letting it drip down the sides.  Next add a layer of nuts, bacon, green onions and coconut.  Continue layering ingredients letting your inner Picasso go wild!  you will have an elegant, delicious creation that your guests will devour!

Serve with crackers of choice.  I like wheat thins or triscuit thins.

I have NEVER NOT HAD RAVES when I served this and if you can do a little prep work in advance [cooking the bacon, chopping the nuts and slicing the onions] it literally goes together in minutes.  This is a great dish to bring to a party and assemble on site!

*I use orange marmalade, apricot jam, mango chutney, anything you like or have will work!  The formula of sweet & salty, creamy & crunchy is what makes this so yummy.

**experiment with amounts, I love to keep piling stuff on depending on how many I want to serve.

***Leave out bacon if you want to make it extra easy or vegetarian.  Microwaved bacon is against my culinary principles, BUT,  I did microwave the bacon today and it was fine 🙂

6 Responses to “Party Panache, 5 Minute Mystery Dip”
  1. Liz says:

    Nice recipe and a little different. Thanks and have a great week.


  2. Mary Katherine says:

    Hi Jenna, Have you tried this with cashews instead of peanuts? Just wondering how this substitution would taste.. looking forward to trying this appetizer!


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