Tablescapes, A Halloween “Barscape”

We have a large built in bar area in one corner of our family room.  Not only is this great for parties large or small, it is a great place for me to display seasonal pieces, photos and JMdesigns glassware. It has been sadly neglected lately and it’s time for a seasonal update and some rearranging…

This is how it looked when I started, sort of a hodge podge of Alabama elephants & glasses, some left over summer glasses, and a row of my favorite photos

It’s time for a change!  I removed everything and cleaned the shelves, and relocated some of the Alabama things.

Halloween season or not, the Alabama stuff must stay! This is the height of football season!


I started with 2 rusty orange leaf placemats, added a pumpkin plate on a stand and a velvet witch on the center shelf

Isn’t she funny? She is leaning on a leaded glass candle holder that reminds me of a haunted house…she looks like she’s been at the bar too long!

I added this Witch hat Grande glass full of candy corn M&Ms and some spooky napkins

I found these Halloween wines at World Market and couldn’t resist.  They will be fun to serve Halloween night!  The witch bottle decoration followed me home from Pier 1 recently.  She looks like she flew into the bottle on her broom and SPLAT! I shouldn’t ever go shopping, I really shouldn’t.

I also bought some “Pumpkin Ale,” I hope it tastes as good as it is cute!

I can’t decide where to put this “love potion” witch

She looks cute by this decanter, which I should fill with some ghastly looking liquid…maybe water with green food coloring ?

or how about by this oversized martini shaker?

I put some Halloween wine glasses out and my leopard print balloon glasses

I added these orbs just because the colors blend and they look sorta spooky, EYEBALLS maybe!!

a few more touches here and there

This area is so hard to photograph because of all the reflective surfaces, that’s why I have taken a lot of angle shots

It looks pretty spooky at night

candles and lights aglow

it blends nicely with the “haunted” mantel [Oct 7, 2012]

and all the witchy stuff in the kitchen

I love Halloween

not the creepy scary stuff, but the “teddy bear cute” and fun ‘witchy” stuff!

Thanks for visiting, stop by again soon!

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2 Responses to “Tablescapes, A Halloween “Barscape””
  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks so much for your visit!!
    And as far as my hubby…..yes, he is a good guy but I would never “let” anyone tell me what I could and could not have in my own home that I work so hard for….. LOL!!


  2. Oh, I need to be at YOUR house for cocktail hour. The size of that martini shaker…magical! 🙂 You have a really nice sized bar area. I love all the storage space along the back bar. I’m assuming the front bar has lots of storage space, too. Fun idea to stick the bee lights down into the wine bottle! That looks really cool! I could just imagine a ton of those down the center of a table! The little chick leaned up against the haunted house DOES look like she tipped back one too many, and the one who went splat on the bottle should learn that it’s never safe to drink and drive…even if it IS a broomstick! 🙂 Very creative and fun! Enjoy the season!

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