Creations, Scarecrow Festival

I had a Halloween fun filled weekend in Orange Beach, Al beginning with a Scarecrow Festival at the Coastal Arts Center.  This has become an annual event and anyone can participate.  It is scary, creepy and fun to walk through the rows of creations and marvel at the imaginations at work! I hope you will take a moment to stroll through the park with me and enjoy the 2012 Scarecrow Festival!

It was a lot bigger than last year!

The first guy we ran into was this SURFER DUDE

Complete with wet suit, a surf board, and 2 pink flamingos!

He donned a visor and sunglasses and had a crab for a nose!

“THE LIBRARIAN” was proper with her purse and her pearls

but her panty hose and feet couldn’t take the Orange Beach heat!

Next came the “DEERHUNTER”


“JOHNNY APPLESEED” had apples in his pocket and a pot for a cap

and the “NINJA” Scarecrow was dressed all in black,

And then came the empty-headed “PROFESSOR PUMPKIN” with his crown upside down.

This SOUTHERN BELLE wore her Mardi Gras jewels

She had a blouse and a bracelet all done in pink

But her lipstick had run down her chin, just like cheap ink!

This one was funny, the girl’s lying down

A VISIT TO THE DENTIST brought a smile, not a frown!

This “HULA HONEY” gave her secrets away

Instead of real “ta ta”s she had only hay!

This little “BEAUTY SHOP BEAUTY” seemed to melt in the heat

and “FROSTY” was there, with not much left under his sheet!

“MR. MARDI GRAS” attended, blurred vision and all

and there was “PEACE LOVIN’  PATTY,” she wasn’t dressed up at all!

“THE PATRIOT” was there with a reminder to vote

and this ‘SUPER HERO HORSE” had hay for a coat!

There was an INDIAN,


and this CREEPY GUY,

and what this was about, couldn’t guess, couldn’t try!  SPONGEBOB? do you think?

What have we here, who is this Autumn Beauty?  She was created by Kim Jones and Miss Emma, her little cutie!

Isn’t she pretty with her long blonde hair

The “Not So Scary Fairy Crow,” I think I know her from somewhere!

There was a WITCH

and a PRINCESS or a BALLERINA perhaps?

And a “DANCING QUEEN”…But what’s up ahead, what’s that over there…?


now THAT’S FUNNY, I swear!

Here’s “LITTLE MISS REDNECK” her face is a mess!

Oh my, dear SANTA seems to be in distress!

Next came a CHEERLEADER, “Go Dolphins” she cheered,

And then there was a Pirate with bones on his hat, but no trace of a beard.

And even an Italian CHEF, what’s up with that?

A MERMAID of course, had swum in from the shore, and on up ahead there was even much more!

“MR. CLEAN” was a local


and “MR. SHELL CROW” from the beach just had to come by

And he brought his stand so you could play in the sand

Here at the end is the very fine WINNER!

and it’s all about

A fish for your dinner!  Visit Take a Kid Fishing to learn more about this amazing organization,

I think I’ll go make a scarecrow!

Thanks for stopping by, drop in again soon!

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  1. Some very creative scarecrows! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

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