Creations, Christmas in my Studio and the “Accidental” Tree

Come on into my studio

and Welcome to JMdesigns! This is where I paint, paint, paint…

I try to keep seasonal decor in here too, like this pumpkins and gourd arrangement in November

and now my elf with a paint brush in December…

Now, don’t be fooled by the neatness you see here

It usually looks like this!

Because I paint a lot of glassware, there sometimes is a little breakage, whoops!  So a few years ago I got an idea…

I’ll make a Christmas tree!

The stem broke off on this one

and this Margarita glass missed the party!

Some other glasses had chips and cracks…

but these pretty glasses still brighten my day!

Sometimes you don’t have to throw things away!

I love this “Merry Martini,” she’s not even broken, I just thought she’d look cute!

Time to get to work!

This is how my studio looks when things are really cleaned up around here, basically never…but I am pretending today…

I just love that I can open this cabinet up and everything I need is within arm’s reach! Today I’m working on a sign for my “Sweet Shoppe.”

I often play around with designs and fonts on my computer and do some print outs for reference.  I had this wooden plaque already painted with something else that I didn’t use any more so I just painted white over the middle and left the green and black edges alone, perfect for my sign!  Look around, you never know what you’ll find to re-purpose!

This is my favorite font because it is so forgiving, you don’t really have to plan it out because you can position letters higher or lower as space permits

and now my “Sweet Shoppe” is open for business!  See more photos on Visions of Sugar Plums, the Sweet Shoppe & a “ChristKiss” Tree!

I made another sign just for fun

I used fat bendable wire for the hanger and added some beads and twists.  I got HHjr to just cut up some 2x4s for me and painted them with acyrlics.  He also drilled 2 holes so I could thread the wire through.

Across the kitchen from my studio I have another chalk board that I use for pictures and invitations.  I decided to hang our felt advent calendar here so it will be the perfect height for my grandson, Super Boy.  That left the upper half of the chalk board to embellish…

So I added a few Christmas words, subway art style!

Decorating is my FAVORITE part of Christmas! What’s yours?

I’m joining

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8 Responses to “Creations, Christmas in my Studio and the “Accidental” Tree”
  1. What a fun, creative work space. And the tree of misfit glasses! Love!

  2. What a super fun idea!!!!!!!! My favorite is the Merry Martini glass, even if she’s not broken. If I made a Christmas tree with all the things I break over the course of a year, I’m sure the tree would topple over from being so heavy! 🙂 Your studio looks like a very peaceful place to do your creating.

    • hahaha, I confess, this is NOT the only broken glassware I have…I have a bowl full too, but amazingly, most of it has broken during the baking process not from my clutzy self!

  3. Cynthia says:

    What a pretty and fun space. Your tree is adorable. Thank you for stopping by and visiting. You are an inspiration with all your cute ideas!!.


  4. I love that you found a creative way to use all your oop-sies, instead of throwing the broken glasses away.

    Thanks for inspiring me.

    Atta Girl Amy

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