Recipe Box, Raspberry White Chocolate Angel Wings

For my Goodie Swap treat last weekend I painted Angel glasses and wanted to put something in them that would be appropriate to angels…I thought about this for A WHILE, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..finally I had an inspiration, PALMIERS, they look like angel wings!  So, how to make them sweet was the next step…..raspberry and white chocolate emerged … Continue reading

The Goodie Swap Tree & Goodie Ideas

One of the “Goodie Swap” girls makes a special tag for her goodie package every year.  She is a super talented creative artist { everyone in this special group is very talented in many ways} and at some point I started hanging these tags on a tree… The tree is TALL and skinny and makes … Continue reading

Party Panache, Goodie Swap! and a yummy fruit tart

It’s that time again, time for our annual “Goodie Swap!” I have been doing this with the same group of women since 1979! We think anyway, none of us can really remember, but we have a photo of one of the early gatherings and it’s dated 1979…Good news is that none of us have changed … Continue reading

Party Panache, “The North Pole”

Here’s another Seasonal Sipper for you to try, we have named this one “the North Pole!” It is beyond delicious!  The elves will be MERRY indeed! Do I have your attention? I thought so! James, the butler is serving drinks tonight, he’s got one waiting for you by the Christmas tree My friend Alycia over … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Candy Cane Cloud

This is the “grown up” table for our annual family Christmas Eve Lunch.  We celebrate with our children and grandchildren and HH’s sister and her children and grandchildren and have a day of it!  We started this tradition years ago when our kids were little, so everybody could be at their own homes for Christmas.  … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Some Elf Mishchief!

We have a big family lunch on Christmas Eve at our house every year with HH’s sister and her children and grandchildren.  This is our first year to do a real children’s table! Previous years we just did high chairs and laps, but now there are 4 children who are old enough to have their … Continue reading

Seasonal Sipper, the “Alabama Frosty” aka the “Melted Snowman!”

The other night HH and HHjr and I were trying to create a seasonal sipper, a festive cocktail for the holidays…looking through the liquor cabinet, where all kind of random stuff accumulates, we found a bottle of chocolate vodka, some white chocolate Godiva liqueur, and some White Creme de Cacao…and the “Alabama Frosty” was born!  … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Maple Sausage & Belgian Waffle Bake

For Santa’s Sunday Breakfast I made Maple Sausage & Belgian Waffle Bake, a very delicious twist on the usual breakfast casserole.  It has the same do ahead, overnight ease with some new textures and flavors. This would make a great casserole to gift to friends, you could deliver it cooked, uncooked, or partially baked with … Continue reading

Gifts for the Kitchen! Kitchen Wish Lists & Rosemary Salt

Here is a super simple and festive gift that is sure to be treasured by any friend or hostess.  Rosemary Salt is a divine compliment to meat, nuts, vegetables, just about anything that you want to salt and add a hint of rosemary… It’s so easy to make, just fresh rosemary & 2 kinds of … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Breakfast with Santa

Christmas being only about 2 weeks away, I decided it was time for a little checking with Santa to see if wishes were going to come true around here this season. I thought a nice breakfast might put him in a CHEERY  mood, so I figured the best way to get items checked off the list … Continue reading