Creations, Gift ideas and wrappings

Sometimes just a little creative wrapping can elevate a gift from, ” Thank you,” to “Oh my goodness, Thank you so much, I love it!” You know, image is everything and all that!

With so many holidays and gift giving occasions coming up on the calendar, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas and creations with you.  Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, WOW!  Fun times ahead! But with a little thought,  it doesn’t have to break your budget to treat your friends and loved ones to a few treats or surprises.

Do you give Valentines to older children, friends or family? Your daughter or son-in-law,  or a special couple?  Mini gift baskets are a great way to gift a non romantic Valentine, a hostess gift or a gift for any occasion.


Here’s a basket for movie night that would be perfect for a teenager, a guy or a couple.  It has a black and white cardboard basket filled with microwave pop corn, Nacho cheese Popcorn seasoning, Junior Mints candy, 2 plastic popcorn dishes, and Special K Popcorn Chips.  Wrapped in a cellophane bag with a computer created tag, it is ready to delight anyone! I spent about $15 to put this together.  Add a DVD or some movie passes for an extra special touch.


This game night basket features similar items, and you could add a board game or a video game for an extra touch.


This fan basket was created for an Alabama couple, she likes wine, he likes beer, and they both love Alabama football. A bag of peanuts from a local source is the perfect addition to the glasses in the red & white basket.  Extra touches could include cute paper napkins, some beer and or a bottle of wine.  This basket as pictured is a little more, about $30, because of the hand painted glasses.


This is a little denim travel tote I made for my nephew, I painted a big initial on it and filled it full of little toys


I have some stamping pads that I use to make my own gift tags


or I create a tag on my computer and print it out on cardstock


For this baby gift I simply wrapped it in white paper and tied several colorful toys on top with the gift tag.


I use freezer paper to wrap packages.  You can wrap anything for any occasion in white! Just add a colorful ribbon or topper


For this baby gift I painted the wrapped gift paper with polka dots and green leaves to be a background for the bootie bow


Here is another baby gift wrap


A simple white paper bag


with an adorable “lovey” tied on with a grosgrain ribbon.

I keep a supply of white paper bags in various sizes and a multitude of ribbon in different colors and sizes so there is always a way to wrap anything any time.  I order my bags from Nashville Wraps. {}


I use tissue to wrap my glass orders so I always have reams of white tissue which pretty much works for everything.  Sometimes I use a little colored or patterned tissue too.


I keep ribbon spools under control in a big basket


My supplies could be a little more organized, it’s on my to do list, and hopefully I will get around to it soon~


Here’s another white bag wrapping.


With some colorful tissue, a stamp on the corner and a frilly pink ribbon, it was perfect for wrapping this pink nail polish for hostess gifts at a recent baby shower.


These little mini buckets held a spice jar wrapped in a kitchen scrubbie cloth.  The buckets and towels were each $1 at Target.


DD & I bought large jars of Smokehouse Maple Grill Seasoning at Costco and poured it into smaller individual jars {$1 at Hobby Lobby} to create this cute little party favor for about $5 each!


This is a jar of homemade Rosemary Salt, tied with some colorful ribbons with a ceramic spoon and a gift tag


Don’t forget a simple snack mix  or homemade cookies can be elevated to new heights with a cello bag, a ribbon and a tag!


Fill a glass or mug full of goodies and give them in a festive organza bag.  These are available in craft stores or from Nashville Wraps.


Fill a cute box {Home Goods}


With some muffins or cupcakes, home made or store bought, either way they are sure to be a hit when they are delivered “all dressed up!”


It’s so much fun to surprise someone with an unexpected little gift! I hope I’ve given you some inspirations for the upcoming holidays.

For photos and more information on the hand painted glassware please visit my gallery

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10 Responses to “Creations, Gift ideas and wrappings”
  1. You can send me a gift anytime!!!! You have really great ideas for making gifts look extra special!!! I really like the baby bootie bow…really creative! I have all the stuff for doing really fun gift wrapping, but only about half the time does it actually happen. There was a time when I lived for hookin’ gifts up like that. I’ve gotten lazy. 🙁 Your gift baskets (and bags!) are really cute and show a lot of thought, too. You’re so right that “image is everything”, and making the gift packaging as exciting as the gift itself is half the battle!!!!!!! I hope you have a good week, Jenna!

  2. Cute ideas. I love gift wrapping. It makes the gift more fun.

  3. Mary says:

    Jenna~ So many wonderfully CREATIVE wrap ideas here! I’m still in awe of the baby gift/shower ideas you shared! I always check out the dollar bin at Target, especially as a holiday approaches! I need to organize my ribbon and bag stash. I love that your bags are hanging where you can see them, mine are in a box lying flat and not nearly as accessible. Love your seasoning gift idea, I wish we had a Costco that was close by 🙂

  4. Rettabug says:

    Jenna, you have some wonderfully creative ideas for making any gift seem just a little bit more special. Now I’m ashamed of how ordinary I wrapped my recent gift to my sewing friend. Blah compared to yours!!

  5. Those are really great ideas! I really need to bone up on my wrapping skills instead of rushing through it. Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. Linda says:

    I love what you’ve done here. Very creative. Thanks for all the good ideas. I’d love to have you link this up to What to Do Weekends. Take care, Following you also on Facebook and Twitter. Linda

  7. Linda says:

    What to do Weekend Party…. I forgot to put the link in. 🙂 Linda

  8. Barb says:

    Just dropping by from the Answer is Chocolate. Love all the creative wraps, I think the hostess gifts from the baby shower are my favorite but there are so many great ideas here!

  9. Linda says:

    this is amazing! There is just so MUCH! Very thorough post. Good job. Linda Plus I pinned some also.

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