Home Decor, A Little Bird Told Me…

Once Valentine’s Day is past do you start immediately putting away your winter decor, yearning for signs of Spring?  The calendar said February 15, and I was out the door for some retail therapy and inspiration! I had some things to return which is unfortunate.  When I return I always feel like I am making money, which is unfortunate.  I am not making money, I am returning what I don’t need or like, which is good.  The unfortunate part is that I feel like I have EXTRA money.  You can imagine the end of this story…


Cruising around in my favorite haunts I noticed how popular birds are this season.  I spotted this guy and he told me how well he would look with the turquoise and gold palette that was starting to take over my family room.


He seemed very proud and confident that he would make the perfect Spring touch for our home in this Spring “season of the birds,” so I decided to let him come home with me.


Come on in and I’ll show you around.  I really, really, really, want to re-do this room but for now I am just making simple seasonal changes with accessories.


Last year HH gave me these “TDF” candlesticks, you know TO DIE FOR!  They are from McKenzie-Childs and if you aren’t familiar with her beautiful creations, take out a bank loan and proceed to her website.  I asked HH for 1 candlestick but when it arrived, he thought he had somehow messed up so he ordered another one! I couldn’t believe it! But I was THRILLED.  This past Christmas he surprised me with the matching vase,


I was STUNNED!  I had never even SEEN this vase and it is gorgeous! He was pretty proud of himself.  And I LOVED that he thought it up all by himself!  I used to think that even though he had  a Dr in front of his name that didn’t  make him “woman smart!” Ha!  I guess I was wrong!  Needless to say, these were the first things to come out after the holiday and Valentine decorations went away…


Being somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to decor, I like things uncluttered. The painting is unframed [the edges are painted] and it helps to relax the look by leaning against the wall over the mantle, rather than hanging.  Flanked by my Christmas treasures, all that’s needed now is some pops of the soft turquoise through the room.


A silk roll pillow to the sofa,


a marble egg with some balls of moss tucked into the base of a glass hurricane.  Super boy loves to spot little things like that…


I loved my new blue bird but he was just not quite the right blue………hmmmmmmmmmm…………………


That’s better! A few touches with a paint brush and he was just perfect!


Standing tall over a golden nest of marble eggs he is indeed proud now!


On the hearth sat 2 pots holding a large green moss ball


These were stashed away in the garage…


They were a promotional gift with a large supply order. These were intended for the beach house, but they are just the right pop of soft color here to bring it down from the mantle and into the room.  A gold pillow and a vase of tall green grass…


and my little bird was right, he is the perfect touch for my Spring family room!  It’s funny how even a little touch can transform the feel of a space. I just LOVE my new little bird!

What is your favorite Spring color palette?  Thank you so much for visiting!


the painting is an original from from JMdesigns Gallery


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10 Responses to “Home Decor, A Little Bird Told Me…”
  1. Mary says:

    You’re so clever to add some brushstrokes of blue and extra feathers to your new bird! Your MC pieces are fabulous flanking your painting on the mantle!

  2. Thanks Mary, I think reading your blog has made me a bird lover 🙂

  3. Cindy says:

    Your room is so pretty and ready for Spring…live your bird!

  4. Tricia says:

    Love the new touches of turquoise! That little bird is adorable, and I love your additions! The MC pieces are truly stunning — SO pretty! Yes, your husband “did good”!

  5. haha, thanks Tricia!

  6. I do the same thing – Spring has spring as soon as it’s February 15th! I love the accessories you’ve chosen!

  7. You bad, bad girl! I love you!!! Of course it’s like making money when you have to return something!!! That’s JUST the way I view it!!! You got something really fun, too, so that makes it even more of a valid conclusion that you are making money! 🙂 And yes, I AM one of those people who gets the itch to start Spring indoors as soon as Valentine’s Day is over!!!!!

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