Tablescapes, Winter Escape

This post was written in early March, but I think you’ll enjoy the trip anyway!

The Gulf Coast of Alabama is my favorite destination. Always. Well, except for when there’s a hurricane in the forcast…but we don’t have to worry about that for months.  This is the coldest time of year in both Birmingham and Orange Beach, but we still wanted to get away and gaze at the blue skies and seas. It wasn’t warm, but it was WARMER than most spots in the country, and I snapped some photos to brighten winter days.


A bridge connects our little island paradise to the beach road that parallels the Gulf of Mexico


It rarely freezes here, so the island foliage does pretty well…the grass is dormant now but will green up in the next few weeks.


The palm trees and blue skies are an instant remedy for just about anything!


Our favorite spot is the porch that faces the Gulf, this is the view to the East,


and the view to the West.  Natural areas are encouraged to keep the sea oats in place, nature’s protection for erosion.


The view directly South shows the Gulf of Mexico just beyond the beach road.  This land is currently protected by a no-build order due to an endangered species habitat, so our view is unobstructed.  Before Hurricane Ivan, in 2004,  we had a boat house.  In fact we used to have a different boat which Ivan borrowed and never returned……we got a new boat, but didn’t want to tempt the hurricane gods with a new boat house.


It doesn’t matter how cold it is, I love to look at the pool, it promises warmer days ahead and long leisurely swims.


It was warm enough at midday to set out a little picnic


The summer bird house warmed up the temperature considerably,


along with some sea shells and a colorful crab…


I don’t have a lot of linens or fancy stuff here, we keep things pretty simple…I used a cotton floor mat for a table topper and some striped kitchen towels for napkins.  I set the plates on some mock chargers that are actually picture frames borrowed from the shelves inside.


I found these frames at Pottery Barn several years ago, they are cobalt blue with white pearlized polka dots.  This funky, eclectic pattern mix adds an element of the unpredictable to this setting.


These painted plates are from Pier 1, a while ago, and I love them because they are larger than a salad plate and smaller than a dinner plate


HH added the starfish, he loves to get involved and help me when I’m setting a table! He often has great ideas!!  The margarita glasses are shades of aqua embellished with a turquoise glass bead, and just looking at them makes the temperature rise into Summer time!


The binoculars are for viewing passing boaters, but they’re aren’t too many this time of year!  We often see dolphin, it’s like our own Sea World!


Today there is just a lone pelican, but sometimes there is one on every post and more lined up sunning on the dock…


This is a dock builder on his way to a job…


oh and there’s a brave soul, can you see the boat on the water just beyond the chair in the center of the photo?


This time of year it’s 10-20 degrees colder on the water, so we are content right where we are


We sit, and chat, and watch the world go by…and a simple wedge of cheese, some crackers and a cool libation makes this the best restaurant in the world!


HH is always very happy here!


Oh no, it’s time to go home already!  But the beginning of March means the start of the warm season, and many more trips to the coast coming up. I am going to share recipes for our very favorite summer drinks and foods over the next few months… here’s a few to tempt you…


Asian Firecrackers with pineapple dipping sauce


Fisherboy Cupcakes

5 min mystery dip2

5 Minute Mystery Dip

coconut shr web

Coconut Shrimp Tempura

What is your favorite season?  I LOVE summer, when I can be here in the breeze on the porch…I hope you’ll stop in again soon!


the painted tableware is from from JMdesigns


I’m joining  this great party, Oh, the places I’ve been!  at the Tablescaper 


18 Responses to “Tablescapes, Winter Escape”
  1. HH is ON it!!! Adding his own little touch! I like that! If our husbands ever have a chance to meet, I wonder if they’ll talk tablescapes or simply grunt, disavow any knowledge of it, and wander off into the world of sports?! 🙂 I’ve never visited the Gulf Coast of Alabama, but it looks like a wonderful and VERY peaceful place to spend some quality time! Your food looks glorious!!! My favorite time of year is probably Spring except for the threat of tornadoes that comes along with it. I would love to love summer, but it just gets so doggone hot & sticky here in the Midwest. You could fry and boil yourself all at the same time on any given afternoon! 🙂

    • They will wander off into the world of sports…I need to tell you that you could die in Birmingham during the summer too, that’s why I try to escape to the coast as much as possible…it’s still hot but there’s always a breeze! You’ll have to come visit!

  2. Carol says:

    This is certainly a beautiful get-away location, and your tablescape was perfect for the setting.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Garden Casita. Casita means small house in Spanish, so it seemed much more appropriate to call the building our Garden Casita rather than a garden shed — it has way more class than that!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. I would love to feature it and a couple of pictures when Tuesday Trivia comes to Alabama.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  4. loved finding your blog on Memories by the Mile. And, I loved the beautiful pictures!! The Gulf Coast… ah. I live in Virginia now but am originally from Jasper, alabama.

    • hi Latane, I heard the weather is awful in the Virginia area today! It’s not that great in Alabama either, but at least we don’t have snow. Thanks for visiting a fellow Alabamian! I love looking at Wanda Ann’s wonderful photos from all over the country. Thanks for visiting,

  5. What a spectacular view you have….I wouldn’t go out to a restaurant either if I had that view and great food and good company….Your table is beautiful….yes, paradise!

  6. jeanetteann says:

    How lovely your picnic looks. The views are incredible. Great spot to relax. x

  7. Love your own sweet spot in paradise!! how nice that your husband takes an interest in your tables.. Great touch too. The entire table just flows in color and theme. A perfect spot for sure.. xo marlis

  8. What a fresh and beautiful table in such a lovely setting! I’ll bet it was wonderful to spend some time at the coast! That’s so great that your hubby also enjoys helping you with your tablescapes! Thanks for sharing this beautiful table! =D

  9. Tricia says:

    We love the Gulf coast, too, usually renting a condo at Sandestin. These lovely photos made me realize it has been far too long since we’ve made a visit! Gorgeous!

  10. Franki says:

    The weather IS AWFUL in Virginia today…better days are coming and enjoyed your inspirations!! franki

  11. Rennie says:

    My family agrees that the Gulf has some of the best beaches anywhere! Thanks for the tour! Love your “getaway” and can’t wait to get your recipes!!!!!!! Enjoy the sun! It’s rainy and cold in Atlanta!

  12. Pat says:

    Beautiful coastal tablescape, dear one!!!
    The blues and greens are nicely viewed in your dinnerware and linens!
    Hard to tell where sky ends and water begins…gorgeous photos!!!

  13. Marigene says:

    What a beautiful little place to get away from it all!

  14. Sarah says:

    Oh, I think this is a lovely spot to be any time of year. What a beautiful deck looking out to the water and to that crystal clear swimming pool. Beautiful setting to have a picnic on a winter day.

  15. Dawna says:

    What a lovely setting. I can almost feel the hint of summer in the air. As I live in the desert any seseason but summer. The coconut shrimp look very yummy.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Lovely! I like being able to eat and see the water, nothing better!
    Pretty table. great view!

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