Creations, Playing with Pumpkins!

I have been reading tutorials and experimenting with pumpkin making and I must admit I have gone sorta pumpkin crazy! I love pumpkins, and just the thought of being able to create them anyway I want makes me kind of giddy~

I have tried 4 different methods:

1. “grab and tie” method:

burlap pumpkin

A yard of burlap, a big ball of stuffing, pull the corners up then bring in the gaping sides and try to hold it all in a tight cluster.  This ain’t easy, definitely easier said than done~ but don’t give up, you can cover up the mess at the top with a wide burlap ribbon! Secure with a rubber band, then tie tightly with twine.  Now tie lengths of twine tightly around pumpkin forming 8 sections.

grab and tie pumpkin Collage

Curl some flexible large gauge wire and hot glue some corks together for a stem

pumpkin details

Tie a fat length of burlap, or any ribbon you like, into a half knot and hot glue to the top of your pumpkin, covering the mess you made when you tied everything together!  Add the curled wire and cork stem~

burlap pumpkin with wire

2. “cut and sew” method:

shell pumpkin

Starting from top right, I made a chalk outline on the fabric, folded, right sides together, and cut a round shape, using the fold for the bottom of the pumpkin.

cut and sew pumpkin

After sewing seams on both sides and leaving the top open, turn pumpkin right side out and stuff.  Pack stuffing tightly so pumpkin will keep it’s shape when you tie the twine sections.  Tie the top.  Then tie 8 twine sections.  Far left photo shows pumpkin bottom.


Now, with a heavier jute, gather the fabric at the top together and wrap tightly, forming a stem and securing end of jute with a dot of glue


I still had a hot mess of knots which I snipped the ends and once again covered my sins with a fat burlap length of ribbon.

beach pumpkin

I added a few sea shells and a little bling on the stem, just for fun!

3.  “sew and fold”  method:

sew and fold pumpkin collage

Follow the steps as in method #2, but instead of gathering the fabric at the top for the stem, fold in under as you would wrapping a package as it top right photo.  Then proceed with tying the twine sections.  The stems for these were simply 3 wine corks tied together with a wrapping of twine and hot glued to the pumpkin top.  A length of craft ribbon was added for decorative purposes and to cover the twine knots.  This ribbon was stiff enough to hold a gentle curl.  I also added white burlap leaf shapes to the pumpkin on the left.

4.  “circle and gather” method:


A pumpkin made from a circle takes a lot of fabric, but has perhaps the most professional looking result.  A yard will only yield a smallish pumpkin.  You can easily cut a circle by folding your fabric into quarters and cutting.


Once you have your circle, machine sew parallel basting lines one inch from the edge and pull to gather.  This is difficult with burlap and I don’t have more pictures because I basically got it partially gathered and then used a stapler to hold it together at the top! proceeded with the grab and stuff method.  This works a lot better with a fabric that gathers easily.

burlap pumpin

So this one got a GIANT burlap bow, to cover up my sins!

burlap pumpkin trio

it’s fun to pile them up with real pumpkins too!

pumpkin centerpiece

pumpkins have so much personality!

fabric pumpkins

You can always paint them too!

polka dot pumpkin

My methods are a little crude, and my instructions are confusing, so if you want to see some good tutorials, you can click on the links below:

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Refresh Renew


There are tons of clever pumpkins out there, all kinds of fabrics, shapes and sizes, I hope you’ll give it a shot and have some fun

Playing with Pumpkins!


all craft materials are from Hobby Lobby

I used poly fill for stuffing, $2.99 a bag.  One bag will stuff 2 medium sized pumpkins.  You can also use grocery bags, old t-shirts etc.  You can also place a box or ball shape in the center as a space filler, and put stuffing all around it.


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36 Responses to “Creations, Playing with Pumpkins!”
  1. No doubt your level of patience is off the charts to create these!!! I applaud you! Very creative!

    • Alycia!!! How are you? Oh my goodness, what a treat to hear from you! I hope you are mending and healing and my how we’ve all missed you! As for my level of patience, do not be impressed, that’s why everything got a big burlap ribbon!

  2. So creative how you turned a fall event to coordinate with the tropics….

  3. a quiet life says:

    just when i think i have been having a productive day i come here and cringe! you are all ball of energy! love your punkins, just my colors! and that view… fabulous! such clever little stems~

  4. Mary says:

    Love all your pumpkin creations Jenna! You have more patience than I do, I’ve pinned and admired but haven’t tried my hand at any, even though I have a crop of corks for stems 🙂 The chevron with the burlap and shells is so creative!

  5. arzea says:

    These are SO SO cute!!!! I am going to make some of these asap for around my fireplace! Thanks for sharing! I would love for you to link up at my link party, too:

  6. Very original and cute! My fave is the sew and fold one with the wine cork stem!


  7. Love your fabric pumpkins! I made a bunch a few weeks ago but your’s are just stunning!


  8. I love your soft color choices and had fun reading how to make cloth pumpkins. I just glued mine together!

  9. It sounds like you and I took the same challenge…make pumpkins! lol I’ve made 3 different types…so far! And it’s SO much fun! There are so many great ideas and I love that you’ve shared yours! Thanks! I’m ready to make another one now! heehee!

  10. FABBY says:

    Your pretty pumpkins do have personality! I love them all, thank you for the tutorial too. Have a lovely week.

  11. Jenna, your pumpkins are darling and I love the ones with bow!! Thank you for sharing on the Blog Hop Blitz.

  12. Linda says:

    Wow, Jenna, you’ve gone crazy and I love the results, especially the burlap creation. You’ve made me think I’d really enjoy experimenting, but if you have an extra one or two to share that would be even better!!

  13. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    They are all so wonderful. Love how creative you are. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. Wonderful creations.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  15. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the different versions. I’ve never tried and always wanted to but wondered how difficult they might actually end up being. Lol Yours all look great!

  16. Your diy pumpkins are all so cute. I wanted to feature them at my party today, but I don’t see where you linked back to my blog on the post…bummer:(


    • I am so sorry Linda! My mistake, I try to be so careful…I like to just put the specific parties for each post instead of a mass link list. Thank you for the nice comment anyway!!


  17. They turned out beautiful. I love the blue chevron pumpkin. 🙂

  18. justagirlabby says:

    I loved these so much I featured them at Get Your DIY On tonight! Check it out here: . Thanks for linking up!

    ~Abby =)

  19. Joni says:

    I would love to know how to make a tall pumpkin like your black pumpkin. When I fill my fabric with rice it settles into a round shape and I want it tall and like a cylinder. Please help

    • Hi Joni, try using a firmer material to stuff your pumpkin like pillow stuffing~ you can get a big bag at a craft store like Hobby Lobby for $3-4. I can see how rice would be hard to work with! Also, make sure your pumpkin is sewn together in the shape you want so it will stay that way after filling~ Good luck!

  20. Kim says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post, Jenna. I know I was following you then, but I must have hit a busy snag, like now again. Thanks for giving me the link. It was a neat to see these 4 ways – all different from the way I made my sleeve pumpkins. More than 4 ways to make pumpkins, I guess! 🙂

    • thanks Kim, I have been enjoying your sweater pumpkins, I started to make some but then couldn’t cut up my sweater 😉 ! You just can’t have too many pumpkins in my opinion!

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