Recipe Box, Deconstructed Hawaiian Pizza

The Australian Open!  The Super Bowl!  The Olympics!  We need food!  Lots of food! But, we need to stay healthy, and in shape ourselves,  while watching all this athletic genius, so I am reinventing some favorite appetizers over the next few weeks to make them a little more figure friendly~ I started with a “deconstructed” … Continue reading

The Organized Life, Necklace Wall Organizer

I am lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet all to myself, but there is just one tiny little problem… There is a giant column in the center of it! The center front, as in 2 feet inside the door, so when you open the door,  there it is, right in your face!  To … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Chicken & Green Bean Casserole Pot Pie

I deviated from the lite eating plan,  just a little,  with this ultimate in comfort food,  chicken pot pie There was snow in the forecast again and we needed some “stick to the ribs” goodness Now, this isn’t low fat by any means, BUT!   It is portion controlled, and I did use some fattening ingredients, … Continue reading

Creations, Chalk Pens

Anything chalkboard has taken over these days, but I was a reluctant fan… they can look messy and I don’t like the smudge factor.  There must be a better way I thought, and there is! I ordered these from, but I’m sure they are widely available.  I couldn’t wait to give them a try … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Bleu Cheese Lite Coleslaw

The other night we had Peachy Bourbon BBQ Chicken and to change it up I decided to serve it burger style, and top it with coleslaw.  Coleslaw is awesome on BBQ pork sandwiches, so why not BBQ chicken? This recipe is so easy peasy, and it is lighter than regular coleslaw because it’s made without … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Kale, Pear & Prosciutto Pizza

Well, I was going to make something totally different, a tart with Swiss Chard, but it was not to be…the available Swiss Chard was extremely limp and unappetizing… I best I could do was get  prepared chopped kale in a bag,  and my favorite pizza crusts, Mama Mary’s Ultra Thin. I had some Manchego cheese~sooo … Continue reading

Creations, Valentine Tree

Time to start thinking of Valentine’s Day! And time for my little silver, scrawny, “Charlie Brown” tree to transform once again! After a busy football season, it was time for a change At first I left the black and red balls on the tree, but ultimately decided to start fresh~ I was out of funds … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Warming Up with Tex-Mex

After all the freezing weather I decided to warm things up around here with a little Tex-Mex table~ I raided the pantry for all things red, spicy and cowboy and a pear?…well, it was the right color!  And cowboys love pears right?  Well, they should, anyway, everyone needs to eat more fruits and veggies! I … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Baked Waffle Fries with Sour Cream and Onion

This is so simple and it just might be, simply,  my favorite potatoes ever Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, full of oven roasted good flavor, paired with some cool sour cream laced with green onion… Trust me, it’s heaven! Cut red potatoes in half and score deeply, making squares,  being careful … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Taco Chili Roll Bowl

I’ve had enough of the Polar Vortex, thank you.  Had you even heard of this term before Sunday? Me, neither.  I know what it means now though! The boys were coming over so to make us feel cozy and comforted I made burritos,  sloppy joes,  taco soup,  chili,   tacos  for the little boys and … Continue reading