Party Panache, Party Planning Ideas

When ever I give a party, big or small, I find the easiest start point is to choose a color scheme.


Our family reunion has been in the works since last fall, and besides a few emails gathering addresses and sending out basic information, I didn’t really get into serious planning mode until we choose our color palette and designed a logo early this year.  My official planning committee is made up of one of my sisters, two of my favorite nieces, and my darling daughter of course.  Thank you girls!   DD and I have been planning parties for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t do it without her!


We actually got our first idea from Kelly’s Kid’s, a children’s catalog…DD and I fell in love with this orange and blue line~


Since the festivities were happening on the Gulf Coast in Orange Beach, how perfect to use orange and a bright tropical aqua…and the children’s clothes all had nautical or fish appliques…


The paternal side of my family tree is Fox, so we had a head start on a logo. We decided to make the fox blue, just because we like things a little unpredictable, and have him sitting with a giant orange.  DD did the logo, and it is perfect~


Now, you might not need an actual logo for your party or event, but since people were traveling from all over the US to our little coastal town, we wanted to do it up right.  We ordered koozies for beer and bottled water , frosted cups for iced beverages and wine, of course Tshirts!


Once you decide your colors, things will come a lot more easily.  Keep your eye out whenever you shop and either buy or make note of where things are for reference.  I found tablecloths on sale at Home Goods and my favorite, Hobby Lobby, where I also got candles at 50% off.


I bought these bags at TJMaxx for .99 each way back in March


At the time I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for but as it turns out they were perfect


for maps, directions, local information


The local Welcome Center was nice enough to give me these beautiful magazines


I also added the local free paper, The Mullet Wrapper


I printed logo tags on card stock


to tie on the bags with everyone’s name or family.


I also made a note of tshirt sizes on each tag so I could quickly add them because I wasn’t going to have the shirts until the last minute


It also helps if you can have a staging area, a table or corner where you can collect possible props and decorations


I have one under the house too where we will be setting up the dining tables, bar and buffets, Yikes!


Collect things in your colors and you can make choices, add and subtract, as you go along


One night for dessert we are going to have an Ice Cream/Candy Bar so this tray is collecting things for that


Lanterns full of shells and baubles will go on the dining tables


and I have a basket of ribbon and burlap on stand by because I can’t do anything with out ribbon!


and FABRIC! Fabric can be your best friend!


I cut round table toppers from two different orange fabrics to use on the dining tables.  I am leaving the cut edge just as it is~beach casual


At this point there was still much to do!  I wrote this post last week before things were in full swing as they are right now. I hope to share some actual pictures of the events along with our menus once I recover from it all!

I hope I’ve given you some party ideas~


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13 Responses to “Party Panache, Party Planning Ideas”
  1. This is incredible! You and your kids are all so talented — you should be professional party planners, maybe even give Martha Stewart a run for her money! The orange and blue are so fresh and beachy, just perfect.

    We hardly have any family left — many of them have passed on, and a lot of them never had children. My son has never had any either, so I am always fascinated by these large family gatherings. On my husband’s side, from his three sibs, there is only one granddaughter, and she seems to be a career woman, uninterested. It is weird how life works out sometimes, isn’t it?

    • ha, thanks Ellen! We are blessed to have a large family, it is a diverse group, but everyone loves to have fun so it’s always interesting~ I feel a little like Martha Stewarts dish rag today, exhausted! 🙂

  2. You are so clever, Jenna! I love every bit of this!

  3. Liz Mackie says:

    Thank you. Have a Great day and Week! 

  4. Kathleen says:

    It all looks good! Hoping for good weather for you! I am the party planner here too. I did it all the years I was teaching for the faculty, showers, retirements, etc. I have 112 white Pfaltzgraff filigree dinner plates, napkins and silverware, 10 of those folding tables, tents, etc. I should start a rental company, lol.
    Have a wonderful time! How many are you expecting?

    • Wow, thanks Kathleen, I wish you were my neighbor! You should start a rental! We had 45 ages 1-80~ last party tonight and people leaving the next few days and my hubs and I can relax!

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Jenna, You’re the hostess with the mostess! LOVE the colors and logo, I’m sure the FoxFest was a blast and a good time was had by all! Looking forward to see the food and fun details 🙂

  6. fairhopesupplyco says:

    This is going to be the cutest party ever! I love the color combination. Your family is lucky to have you!

  7. Cindy says:

    Very cool. What a great way to treat family that have traveled from afar and make them feel special. I am very impressed and touched with your thoughtfulness.

  8. You really are the hostess with the mostest! I love reading along + seeing all of your ideas, you’re so creative 🙂 The logo for your party is adorable, and I love how you incorporated the colors into everything.

  9. Kim says:

    A staging area is such a great idea, Jenna. You have so much practice entertaining, you’re an expert at it! I love the fabrics – so fun – and the logo is perfect! It’s nice to have all that help, too. 🙂

  10. This looks so awesome! I highlighted you tonight in centerpiece Wednesday 🙂

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