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It has been an AMAZING couple of weeks around the Painted Apron, inspirations have been coming and going and growing and flowing everywhere~


First of all, I was overwhelmed with all the responses to my Special Day and a Giveaway post.  I was truly astounded by everyone’s kindness and heartfelt comments.  I never dreamed that would happen…and can’t tell you how grateful I am for your special words <3

I also learned that so many were interested in seeing more posts about painting~ well, be careful what you wish for, I generally have a paint brush in my hand…the other day I noticed there was paint on my steering wheel!

No, I have not been painting in my car!   …but there is usually a trace of paint on me somewhere

kitchen shower tub

I got an email from Charmaine B, who lives in Maryland,  after I posted my Beachy Bench, asking where I bought it.  My bench has been around for over 10 years and she couldn’t find a similar one without spending a lot of $$$

beachy bench

So she put her artist hat on and got creative!  She fixed up a bench she had and was nice enough to email me the results with pictures!

Check out the before and after of this bench! I was so excited to be her inspiration!

bench before and after

Didn’t she do an awesome job?


Scroll down to the end of the post to see her paint colors and tips~


Until she can buy a house by the shore, she is creating her beach house at home!


I am going to need some wall art!

painted bench

Another very special blogger friend of mine recently did me a huge favor…

so I sent her a little thank you…Her potting shed was the inspiration behind this painted jar…

I think she liked it…

She wrote an entire blog post about it! And about me, little ole me ^^’

Mary's jar

Please pop over and visit sweet, talented Mary at Home is Where the Boat is.

She is one of the best and most creative bloggers out there, and has the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen!

Be sure to check out the posts about her Fairy Tale potting shed,  where so much of her magic happens…

Thank you so much Mary!!

Mary's jar

You just never know where inspiration is going to come from~

I saw these glasses recently at a local gift shop.  DD said, “Mom, you need to make some like these…”

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.56.03 PM

I have so many blue plates and I did want some glasses to use with them.  I like this stemless wine glass style too, because they are so versatile.

south glasses

Because this style glass is held in the center, and I have learned that the paint will wear off quickly there, I decided to do a nautical rope around the top and paint the text up there


I took my inspiration from the gift shop glass as well as this blue and white rope that hangs on the pool deck


When you paint checks or a pattern, always paint the lightest colors first—dark can paint over light, but light can’t paint over dark

painting rope thepainted

Use a flat, square tip brush and paint a slightly curved check


Don’t forget to practice!  I practice on foil which I then use to line my palette.  It also is similar to painting on glass so I can get a feel for what the stroke will do when applied.  You can practice on any scrap paper or old canvas

diamonds and dots

Diamonds and dots go around the base.  A diamond is just a square on it’s tip

life in the south glasses

Then I added text in a soft turquoise, each glass has a different saying~

Life is better in the South,

Life is better at the beach,

Life is better on an island,

Life is better in Alabama


Now, you might not think these are as cute as the inspiration glasses


but wait until you see them in my Summer’s End tablescape coming up soon!


It’s fun to re-purpose something you already have like Charmaine did, so look around and find something to play with~ how about an old bucket or tub…

Initial bucket

Checks, dots, diamonds or the rope pattern is a great way to add design to a bucket, a photo frame, or a flower pot

painted parsley pot

Now, aren’t you just dying to go paint something?

to see more photos and info on some of the items pictured here, click on the green links below

Weathered Flower Pot

Painted Buckets [shrimp bucket and others]

Beachy Bench

tips from Charmaine:

“I tried to paint the metal with a textured paint by Krylon and it just sucked up the paint. So I bought a plain sand color and put a base coat on it and then hit it with a light coat of the textured finish to make it look like a beach sand and go with my sea glass color theme. The Rustoleum brand of the textured paint worked better than the Krylon.”

paints for patio furnitureThanks Charmaine!!  :star:

I would love to make your creations a regular feature on the Painted Apron, so if I’ve inspired you, send me a photo so I can share your brilliance with everyone!


I will be sharing with the fabulous parties and blogs on my side bar and

Crafts a la Mode

It’s Overflowing

Between Naps on the Porch

the Scoop

The Style Sisters

Savvy Southern Style




11 Responses to “Creations, Painting Inspirations”
  1. Love the saying, life is better in the south. I am a true believer.

  2. Loving all of your work, Jenna.
    Mary’s jar is fabulous!

  3. I am going to have to try painting on glass. Do you “bake” these or seal them with anything?

    The jar is so cute! We all want a potting shed like Mary’s.

    • I use a special paint made for glass, and yes you do bake it. My glasses go through the dishwasher everyday with no problems. Eventually they will show wear like any glass, but the color never fades

  4. Marty says:

    Everything is so cute, I just can’t stand it. I have perused both the blog and shop for extended periods, dreaming. I love your tips, because I have never felt like a painter. I have been known to say, ” I stamp, because I can’t draw.” Thank you for the awesome.

  5. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Looks like you’ve been busy! Cute glasses:@)

  6. Mary says:

    Paint on your steering wheel is a hoot Jenna! I am not a tidy painter, despite how careful I try to be and I’m a also a color outside the lines kinda gal, so any painting tips are appreciated 🙂 I love the bench that Charmaine shared and that you inspired. You have creativity oozing from your pores, and way ahead of the game! I’m still trying to think of an end of summer table. Thanks again for my ADORABLE jar (and your kind words), I was enjoying it again today. ♥

  7. laurie says:

    Jenna, yes, I do want to go paint something, but alas, I don’t have your imagination or your artistic abilities. You make it sound so easy, but I know if I attempted it, it would be a mess. I can’t wait to see your table with the cute glasses. All of your projects are wonderful, and so is the bench you inspired. laurie

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