The Organized Life, Refreshing Spaces for Spring

A few days ago it was 75 degrees here!  A perfect day to open the doors and clean the garage!


Don’t be jealous, the next day it was 31 and we had an ice storm…But it’s always a sunny, blue skies spring day in here!


Welcome to my whacky and whimsical garage, desperate for reorganization


Too much stuff just thrown on the floor in bags and everywhere else too~


A few more nails and voilà… Much better! You can increase your space by using the walls, they’re a great place to hang wreaths, baskets, and your sombrero collection 💃


With all the junk off the floor I had room to stack seasonal storage bins.  There is a general label on them but since they’re clear I can easily eyeball most of  what’s inside.  I used chalkboard tags and a chalk ink pen for easy editing


The shelf unit in the corner holds flower arranging supplies and pumpkins


My car parks on this side and then the other side has long tables for packing/shipping boxes for my business, crafting, and wrapping


Shelf units for glassware, spray paint, supplies.  This side still needs work, business inventory is mixed up with my personal things, but I can see everything at a glance


There’s an area right by the garage doors where I keep my packing boxes and supplies and a table  holding stuff ready to go to the beach house next trip


We usually have a stash of supplies to take along, easier to shop here so we can relax there~


There is  an L shaped space for working, created with plastic folding tables and a length of wood fence


Special areas designated for packing/shipping,


There’s a spot for projects in progress…you can see the fence below, it keeps things from falling off the tables


Things ready for delivery sit at table’s end, close for loading into the car


There is also a shelf unit across from the extra fridge


Toys on the lowest shelf, returns, birthday gifts to deliver etc on the middle shelf ready to grab on my way to the car, and pending projects on the top shelf  where I see them front and center until they get done


The trick is keeping the whole space organized because I’m a mess monster ^^’


I am thinking about putting a ductless AC/Heating system in this garage so I can really use the space any day of the year, but it’s pricey~ I would love to be able to paint furniture and large pieces out here


This old painted coffee table is on my to do list, I want to paint roads and buildings on it for the kiddos to drive hot wheels on~ it’s also a handy riding toy “garage”~lots of storage room under the big tables too~

I also planted a garden in the kitchen while I was spring cleaning


I love to use red accents in my black and white kitchen.  The fabric covers up 1000 Legos, a never ending battle 🙂


A few messages painted on the doors in the garage


little greetings and reminders~


HH has his own garage on the basement level, so this one is mine all mine!  It really doesn’t get dusty or dirty because I keep the garage door closed most always


Now that I’ve done the hard work,  I am very motivated to keep it clean and organized~ it’s such  a pleasure to have space to spread out and have everything right at my finger tips

If you have any feedback on heating/cooling a garage I would love to hear it!

Juicy Details

I painted the inside of my garage about 10 years ago, with the help of DD and her friends, for an art show and sale I was having.  It’s quite a cheery place to work and to drive into!

I have some more Spring ideas coming up this week and some divine chocolate mint cupcakes, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, so be sure to stop back by!


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11 Responses to “The Organized Life, Refreshing Spaces for Spring”
  1. I love your garage, Jenna! It makes me smile. Fabulous!

  2. lulu says:

    After seeing your garage I now understand how you have so much stuff with which to be creative.

  3. This is so fun! I love the wall paintings/murals. I need to dig up so old photos of a garage I had a long time ago. Not as cute as this, but it was an improvement. I will be glad to hear about the heat/cool unit when you find out more.

  4. So cute, Jenna. I know you were a fun mother and now a fun grandmother. Ready to party and decorate all the time. Who else but you would have such a delightful garage!

  5. Mary says:

    Jenna, Only would would have a painted and tree-lined garage! What a fun spot to stash your stuff and work too! I’m in bad need some dish organization 🙂

  6. angie says:

    love it how creative makes one feel so much more happier
    come see where I share at

  7. Laurie says:

    Oh My! I want a garage just like your garage! I’m loving every inch of it. You have it so organized now. I am envious of all of that extra space, and your wrapping and shipping center is great too.

  8. Natalie says:

    I love how fun and colourful your garage is <3
    Thank you for linking up at the Talented Tuesday Link Party 🙂 I hope you join us again tomorrow!

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