Take-out Tuesday, BBQ Sundae, with Sunday Potatoes

Celebrate March 1 with a Sundae!    🍨  A BBQ Sundae that is!


BBQ Sundae 3


There are many legends about the origin of the ice cream sundae, one being that it was created by the popular fountain treat, the ice cream soda,  which is made with soda topped with ice cream

In one establishment it was a treat served only on Sundays.  The spelling of Sunday was changed so as not to offend the religious meaning of Sunday, and because it was so popular it was eventually served everyday.






This is a sundae not made with ice cream and chocolate sauce, but with leftovers and Sunday Potatoes {recipe below}



Sundae potatoes



BBQ pork, sauce, macaroni, pickles, grated cheese, potatoes and a tomato topper





You can set out different foods to make a “Sundae Bar” and let diners make their own creations    🎨



BBQ sundae collage


It’s a fun presentation


Sundae dinner


And a great way to jazz up your leftovers


dinner Sundae


You can provide a plate for easier eating  🍴


Sundae plate

I didn’t have any cooked veggies on hand, but sauteed spinach or kale, broccoli or green beans would be a great addition to this sundae…

Endless possibilities here, and a fun party/buffet idea-

BBQ Sundae

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

1/2 cup cooked shredded chicken, beef or pork, cooked

BBQ sauce

1/2 cup mashed or scalloped potatoes, cooked

1/2 cup cooked macaroni or macaroni and cheese

dill pickle chips

grated cheddar cheese

1 cherry tomato

parsley for garnish

Heat all ingredients in the microwave.  Layer into a tall glass or parfait dish.  Place meat in the bottom of glass.  Add warm sauce.  Top with potatoes then pickles.  Top with macaroni and grated cheddar.  Place dish in microwave for 30 seconds to melt cheese and keep everything hot.  Garnish with cherry tomato and parsley.  Serve with long handled or an ice tea spoon for presentation.  Provide a dinner plate, knife and fork for easier eating if desired.   Increase amounts as needed to serve more people.

Sunday Potatoes

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

24 oz diced frozen country style hash browns

1 head garlic, roasted*

1/2 sweet onion chopped

3 T butter, divided

dash olive oil

2 T flour

1+ cup heavy cream or half and half

salt and pepper

4 oz. grated sharp cheddar cheese

1 oz. shaved Parmesan cheese

Boil potatoes in a large deep sauce pan for 3-5 minutes.  Cover and remove from heat.  Melt 1 T butter and saute onion until softened, 5 minutes.   Add remaining butter and flour and stir, cooking for  1 minute.  Squeeze out roasted garlic into pan, season with salt and pepper, and stir into roux.  Pour in 1 cup cream and stir.  Cook until sauce thickens.  Add cheeses.  Add more cream if sauce seems to thick and cook until smooth.  Drain potatoes and place in a greased 1 1/2 quart shallow baking dish.  Pour cheese sauce over all.  Stir gently to combine.  Season again if desired

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until set and golden.  Serves 4-6

*roast garlic wrapped in foil and drizzled with olive oil at 400 for 45-60 minutes.  Can be roasted in advance and stored in refrigerator


Sunday potatoes


Creamy dreamy garlicy cheesy good!  😋


mac & cheese BBQ Sundae


Heat all ingredients separately before assembling your sundae and garnish with a sprig of parsley and a cherry tomato


layered sundae


for another printable version of Sunday Potatoes click here

for another printable version of BBQ Sundae click here

Now, all this talk of sundaes must have made you hungry for a good ole fashioned ice cream sundae, so here are 2 easy peasy take out Tuesday type desserts

Ice Cream Sundae Pie


ice cream sundae pie 1 thepaintedapron.com


Ice Cream Cake Parfaits




Have a sundae soon!


dinner Sundae


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12 Responses to “Take-out Tuesday, BBQ Sundae, with Sunday Potatoes”
  1. Jenna, now this is a fun idea! I love using leftovers and serving them in a different way and you did it so creatively! Happy Tuesday!


  2. Mary says:

    Jenna, We’ve picnicked with a BBQ sundae in a jar for easy toting! I’ve only used cole slaw layered with BBQ and a pickle on top, but I love your addition of the mac ‘n cheese and/or your Sunday potatoes 🙂


  3. Emily says:

    What a fun idea, especially on a picnic. Love all the recipes, it’s early AM and you have me wanting BBQ for breakfast! Who doesn’t love a Sundae………


  4. Jenna, I could eat this right now, and it’s just breakfast time!! Yum! What a great idea for making leftovers seem special. Linda


  5. Rhonda says:

    Looks so yummy! My husband and daughter can’t have any of their food touching on their plates… this would send them into DT’s! lol! But not me, I would love it!!! Thanks for providing the recipes! ~Rhonda


  6. Kitty says:

    You’re just creative, Jenna! I just love this idea of the layered BBQ in the glass. What a fun idea!! I can’t wait to try this, my friend.


  7. Dinner at your house is always fun!


  8. Miz Helen says:

    What a delicious recipe and great idea! Looking forward to seeing you again at Full Plate Thursday tonight!
    Hope you are having a great day!
    Miz Helen


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