🎶 Ding Dong 🎶




“Hi, I’m Ben, and I’m here to do your annual Termite inspection,” he said

“I’ll be back to give you my report in a little while…”





Why can’t real houses be fun to keep up like doll houses?





🎶 Ding Dong 🎶


“I’ve got good news and bad news,” he reported back

“The good news is there is no sign of termites”

“BUT, the bad news is I think you have squirrels in your attic”




“I’m going to send Tony and his Wildlife Extraction Team over to check further”

“Wildlife Extraction Team??



🎶 Ding Dong 🎶


“Yep, that’s what’s attracting this snake,” Tony said

as he and his assistant casually coiled the snake up and tossed him in a sack






The snake was crawling up the house right by the front door!!!

The Wildlife Extraction team went into action

They cleaned everything up and sealed it all off

Now it’s hopefully free of critters!




On a less stressful note, our resident pet blue heron Freddy has been keeping my company at the beach this week





The other day he put on quite a show





I love to watch this quirky bird





I wondered what he was thinking





uh oh…here he goes






Stop flashing me!




I hope your summer is stress free!





And full of desirable wildlife!





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36 Responses to “Wildlife”
  1. Rita C. says:

    Ugh, Jenna! I’m with you, why can’t houses be fun to keep up like doll houses?! Hopefully this takes care of your issue with the squirrels and snakes. It’s no fun having to be the master of the house(s), is it. Sure glad you have HHjr to help out!

  2. Mary says:

    Don’t get me started on squirrels Jenna, I have a love-hate relationship with them. They’ve chewed up our hydraulics on our boat, eaten my chairs and tear up my window boxes every year. Glad you’re sealed up and squirrel and snake free! Love seeing Freddy bask in the sun. 🙂

    • How Awful!!! These were supposedly flying squirrels! I told the guy I’d never seen a flying squirrel and he said they are nocturnal and rarely seen! At first I was skeptical but when I saw that snake I was convinced!

  3. thefrenchhutch says:

    I’m glad the quick action of the Wildlife Team has your home critter free now. Pretty scary seeing snakes crawling up, yikes! I think it’s so fun having Freddy to put on a show for you, I’m sure he’s something to watch. I love the snap of the boys, now that’s fine company. So glad you have a house full coming and going this and next week. Thinking of you, enjoy your sweet family.

    • Thank you Emily, I swear there’s always something right! It’s been rainy here but today looks beautiful…I’m heading to Fairhope to visit a friend which is always a fun day trip…

  4. Sharon Mann says:

    I have squirrels, bunnies, and red tail hawks in my yard, but thankfully no snakes, yet, and nothing in the attic. So glad you have everything fixed. Freddie is beautiful.

  5. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Yikes! glad it is taken care of. I am going to be honest. I don’t like squirrels at all. They are very destructive and I have so many because we have so many trees.
    The picture with the boys and their catch is great. What grand experiences!
    On another note a few years ago bats were behind the mirror on our brick wall on the porch. We left them alone and they went away. They eat mosquitoes and are endangered I’m told. Never a dull moment!

    • Bats, yikes! I know that Mother Nature has a grand plan but as long as critters stay outside I can handle it! The pic of the boys is my son’s 2 sons with his best friend’s 2 sons, special times!

  6. Jenna, there is always something going on at our house. Squirrels are such pests, hopefully you are fixed up now. Between raccoons and armadillos, Butch has been at war. Both dig in our yard, ugh! Freddy does put on a fun show. I just read where Spann said it was 56 in Fort Payne this morning.

  7. Kitty says:

    I know, with home ownership there’s always something that needs taken care of! That snake definitely needed outta there. Eek! I’m glad that your heron provides lots of fun by watching his antics.

  8. Kari says:

    Unfortunately Jenna, here in Florida, black racer snakes are a way of life. They are everywhere…I like it when people tell me “I Don’t Have Snakes”…and I say, yes, you do..you just are not looking. LOL And then at a later date, they call me….I saw a snake today.
    The black snakes are harmless and supposedly eat and kill rats….but I still don’t like them….so I am always looking down. They try to get out of your way, which is why people don’t see them unless they are alert. AND I was told by an exterminator that wild animals and critters love to come home again…so I am glad you are sealed up. Hugs

  9. Shelia says:

    I feel your pain, Jenna. We had raccoons in our attic before there were more “wildlife” businesses and we had to hire a “trapper”–no one else would come. He was descended from French trappers in Louisiana, so he was the real deal. He took out about 6 babies and ultimately the mom was caught in a tender trap and united with her brood. I love that blue heron of yours. I used to work near an agency that had marshland near it–close to Atlanta. I would see a heron often–they are beautiful and it always made my day to see nature persisting in the hustle and bustle.

    • Oh how awful!! I was pretty surprised when I found out there was such a thing as a Wildlife Extraction team! Tony is super muscular and brave, and hops around high places with ease. He took a picture of me looking out the front door at the snake and is showing it to all his potential customers, and said business is booming 🙂 Yes, I love watching the coastal birds too…

  10. Michelle says:

    I wish it was that easy! Dollhouses are so much easier to take care of. 😀

  11. I like Freddy a lot better than the snake — that would have sent me up the wall, no pun intended! I hope it is a permanent farewell!

  12. Cyndi Raines says:

    Never a dull moment, right? Glad he was able to get them and seal the area. My sister just recently had a small MI brown bat move in her garage, who loves to perch high up in the rafters. We want it to leave on its own as they eat so may bugs, but I know her patience is wearing thin and will call someone soon. Freddy is pretty cool and I agree would be fun to watch, especially his “take off” picture, what an awesome wing span. Enjoy those great fish! Yum!

    • Oh gosh, I could not handle a bat in my garage! I know the black snakes are good, but they need to stay outside! Blue herons are incredible birds, not to mention fun to watch!

  13. pattyanneart says:

    Oh my, critters in the attic! Glad you got things taken care of and sealed off. Love your pics of Freddie!

  14. TCB can be stressful yes…but you have that “c’est la vie” flair to make the best of things in such a fun way. Enjoyed the read. Kudos for you! 🙂

  15. Jodi says:

    good to see freddie again! I still have my painting of him! 🙂

  16. I wouldn’t mind Freddy… The rest of the critters not so much!!!

  17. Freddy is in love with you, Jenna!! We have black snakes and ringneck snakes in the woods on our land, and sometimes I’ll see one sunning itself near the house. I don’t mind them at all, as they keep our house free of mice. So they are welcome, as long as they mind their manners.

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