Fearless Friday, Pink Roses in 3 Mediums


A couple months ago I did a pastel painting of pink roses





The inspiration photo is a painting, “Pink Rose Study” oil on panel by Laurie Kersey





I started by using pastel pencils to sketch the large shapes of the composition, then I began to add color





I am still trying to feel comfortable with this medium and one thing I discovered doing this rose was that I don’t like to use white paper!





Even when the pastel is blended out, I felt there was too much white and texture showing and it was distracting





I laid in the dark background trying to offset all the white texture showing through





I blended, blended, and blended the darks until the flowers began to stand out like I wanted them too, and added more colors





More blending





More colors





More blending,

more colors and adding more green to the background,

and I declared it finished, but I didn’t love it



“Pastel Roses” after Laurie Kersey, 9″ x 12″ pastel on paper


I decided to paint it with acrylics so I could compare the results in 2 different mediums and see if I liked it better


Pink Roses 11″x14″ acrylic on canvas



Which one do you like better?





And then I thought,

well it is World Watercolor Month,

I might as well try it in watercolor


Pink Roses in watercolor 9″ x 12″ on paper




Which one do you like the best?





What is your favorite medium to work in or to view?

Try exploring the same subject in different mediums or techniques

Be Fearless!




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26 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Pink Roses in 3 Mediums”
  1. Ann Woleben says:

    I am in awe of your artistic ability no matter which medium you use. For this composition, however, I prefer the acrylics because of the depth and color. No matter what you are posting – family, food, fun or art – I enjoy your posts!

  2. Rita C. says:

    That’s a tough choice, Jenna! From the photos, I think I like the acrylic. However, I find I love watercolors best when choosing art.
    Happy Friday!

    • The acrylic seems to be the hands down favorite…not surprising it is my favorite medium by far, I don’t have the patience to labor over building layers upon layers and working on a painting for weeks, most of my paintings are done in less than 2 -3 hours. Thanks for your input Rita!

  3. Charlotte Hall says:

    Ok, it’s 5:20AM and I haven’t had my coffee yet. So I may not have my artists’ critique hat on straight just yet. But, I prefer the one done in acrylics! I used to work with both pastels and acrylics, but I never could get the hang of water colors. Which ever one makes you happy is the best one! Have a wonderful Friday, Jenna!

    • Thank you Charlotte, acrylic is my preferred medium, I feel like I can mix just about any color I need, and I like to be able to put the paint on as thick as I want too…watercolor and pastel are out of my comfort zone, they are perfect for painting outside. I’d love to see some of your work!

  4. Shelia says:

    It is about 8 am here in Georgia, Jenna and Charlotte, and I am just about to have that first cuppa. But I must agree with Charlotte,Ann and Rita–I like the acrylic. I also confess to loving water colors. I say keep going in all areas, Jenna, you are a keeper no matter what medium.

    • thanks Sheila, acrylic is my favorite medium, but I do like playing with pastels and watercolor in the warm months, they are perfect for painting on the porch! Thank you for the kind words…

  5. All of your pieces are beautiful! It’s nice to see the side by side comparisons.
    I prefer to work with acrylics or oils. Never could get the hang of pastels or watercolors.

  6. Rosie M. says:

    They are all just beautiful, but my eye kept going to the acrylic when they were side-to-side.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and artistic gift. I love to open up your Friday posts, Jenna.

  7. trkingmomoe says:

    Very Pretty. You are very talented.

  8. Cyndi Raines says:

    All very pretty, but I prefer the acrylic for the depth of color. Happy Friday!

    • Acrylic is my favorite, and probably for the very reason you mentioned, the depth of color…I labored over the pastel, that one took several hours, the other 2 I did in under 30 minutes…thanks Cyndi

  9. Hi Jenna, sorry I am so late commenting. We were without internet for a couple of days in the Texas Hill Country, it was actually nice. You are so very talented and you know I am one of your biggest fans, I love all three, but if I must choose it would be the acrylic for the same reason Cyndi gave. Hope your weekend is going great!

  10. Mary says:

    Love seeing your creativity in bloom Jenna! I love the watercolor with the little paint splatters and for how fluid and loose it is. 🌹🎨

  11. Benita says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your artwork is always so inspiring! Hugs!

  12. Isn’t it fun to do more or less the same thing in different media to see how it works and looks different? I love both of them.

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