Fearless Friday, Zentangle Doodling

I was going to post a floral arrangement

I created with markers today,

but I had some internet issues

and couldn’t edit the photos properly…

So let’s revisit a fun technique called Zentangle

that you don’t have to be an artist to do!

This is a great way to relax

Intentional doodling means instead of just random scribbles,

you focus on creating different patterns

Think of it as doodling with a purpose and a focused mind

Choose a small paper or divide a larger paper into sections

You can either do this beforehand or as you go along

Fill in the space with repetitive lines and shapes,

with no set plan, just letting your pen do what it wants

Just begin!

Go with your first instinct and see what happens

You can’t make a mistake, there are no rules

Add color if you like

Don’t you love it when there are no rules!

Zentangle is defined as abstract drawing using repetitive patterns

Zentangle is drawing anyone can do,

and is considered to be meditative and pleasurable*

*The Zentangle Method states that true zentangle drawings

must be done on white paper with a black pen,

along with some other specifics

Well, that’s no fun!

And there are no rules remember?

For this zentangle I started with watercolor shapes

and built patterns to connect them

I hope you’ll give it a try, it’s tons of fun,

definitely therapeutic, and a little addicting!

Juicy Details

Sakura medium point white gelly roll pen here

Plumchester P4 Fineliner black pen here

Strathmore Artist Tiles, black, 4″ x 4″ here

aqua acrylic paint pen was used for color on black paper

I used watercolor for the colored shapes on the white paper

*The formal definition of Zentangle is below

“A Zentangle drawing is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns according to the trademarked Zentangle Method. True Zentangle drawings are always created on 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) square tiles, and they are always done in black ink on white paper with grey pencil shading” {source}

The Zentangle Method helps you create a feeling of “”relaxed focus””. Unlike doodling, the person creating a Zentangle is giving it his or her full, undivided attention. A Zentangle cannot be created while on the phone or to let yourself be distracted during a lecture, because attention is an inherent part of this art form.  {source}

Try Zentangle and see what you can create!

Be Fearless!

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17 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Zentangle Doodling”
  1. This is fun! I doodle all the time, but usually subconsciously, not intentionally!

  2. lghiggins says:

    Your painting of the bottle with Zentangle doodling reminds me of Mexico–lots of color and artistic freedom.

  3. Martha says:

    That is totally my kind of art – the only kind I’m good at too lol. Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. I never thought I was into this but I find myself looking and my doodles and realizing I just might be!

  5. Mary says:

    So fun Jenna and a great way to relax and create at the same time! Happy Friday. ♥

  6. I know I can do this 😀 I love to doodle. I will show this to EM, she will love it!Happy weekend, Jenna!

  7. Ricki Treleaven says:

    Zentagles look like lots of fun…I’ve seen so many cool art supplies for them, especially the artist tiles. Fun!!! I like the ones you did with the watercolor shapes.

  8. thefrenchhutch says:

    Zentangle look like a lot of fun not to mention being creative, especially with the colors. Love yours especially when you add color. The bottle is gorgeous! Thanks Jenna.

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