Fearless Friday, Watercolor Elephant

Here we are, day 29 of World Watercolor Month 2022

2 days to go!

I have had a lot of fun this month,

pushing myself away from the usual things I paint

and trying new things

This elephant was definitely different and was so much fun,

exaggerated colors, dramatic splatter…

Here are the inspiration photos I used

I drew my elephant from the Pixabay photo on the left,

then I painted it in the style of the painting on the right

I started with a pencil sketch,

and remember if you’re not comfortable

drawing your subject free hand,

you can trace a photo and then transfer it

to your painting surface with carbon paper

When I was pleased with the sketch

I went over it with a waterproof fine liner pen

You can download a printable to paint here

Now the fun begins!

I started with dark areas with

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolor Neutral Tint

Then I began to add shades of

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolors Quinacridone Purple

I also used

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolors Ultramarine Blue washes

Next some drama with

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolors Yellow Ochre

Now to finish with a little splatter~

To splatter a painting,

load a brush with the color you want to splatter

{the size of the brush will determine the size of the dots}

Hold a piece of something hard horizontally over the painting

like an old credit card, a plate, I use the lid of my small tin palette

Hold it below the area you want to splatter

Tap the edge sharply with your brush handle

and the paint will splatter

Practice on scrap paper first to get the hang of it

If you wet your paper, the splatter will bleed,

forming larger areas of color

I used a lot of water around the legs

to create sort of a dust cloud

“Pride” 8′ x 9″ watercolor and ink on mixed media paper

Have fun and

Be Fearless!

Note: I do not receive any compensation for the product links, I am just sharing a source for a product I use and recommend

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26 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Watercolor Elephant”
  1. I didn’t expect to see an elephant today!

  2. Kari says:

    I love your elephant Jenna! You are so talented and I have learned so much from you. Hugs my friend

  3. This is wonderful, Jenna. I love Daniel Smith neutral. As much, maybe more, as Payne’s Gray. The purple is great. I’ve been fiddling with colorful animals just for sport but you maxed this one out. Thanks for the spattering tip with the credit card — I spatter a lot but never tried that! Seems like it might be a bit more control.

  4. That’s the cutest elephant that I have ever seen. You are an talented artist, Jenna.

  5. Rita C. says:

    Wow, Jenna! That’s beautiful! Really nice detail and color!

  6. Jenna, I do love the elephant! The colors are fantastic! Now you can do one with Alabama (Roll Tide) colors. It will be football season soon. Happy weekend to you!

  7. lghiggins says:

    Fanciful, dramatic, and fearless–I love your elephant, Jenna!

  8. Mary says:

    Jenna, I love the purple and grays you chose for your watercolor elephant! I always love when you add your signature splatter effect! ♥

  9. Fabulous colors!

  10. Intriguing colors!

  11. Nancy says:

    What a beautiful elephant! Your talent constantly amazes me!

  12. Rosie M. says:

    I absolutely love this picture!! Bravo!!

  13. Sue at Blu says:

    this is amazing! pinned

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