Take-out Tuesday, Ramen Noodle Salad

  This month I’m playing with oldie but goodie retro recipes I did this a few years ago, {you can see the post here} and it was so popular I wanted to do it again         Big E eats Ramen Noodle Soup almost everyday for lunch so there’s always plenty of those … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Strawberries & Cream Pretzel Salad

  The 70’s called and said they want this recipe back…       Only in the South, where macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable, would this retro dish full of butter, sugar, whipped topping, not to mention pretzels, be considered a “salad!”           I will admit that I actually … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Taco Lettuce Crunch Wrap

    This is a lighter version of the popular Tex-Mex Crunch Wrap Supreme Instead of tortillas, the filling is wrapped in fresh crisp romaine lettuce, cutting some calories and making it a refreshing summer meal         Tacos are super popular at my house  I think the common phrase, Taco Tuesday, was … Continue reading

The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

  How is it possible that it’s almost August already? While perusing recipes for my monthly bucket list I was having trouble finding recipes that I hadn’t seen a zillion times before… So few were jumping out and grabbing my attention But then I got an idea! 💡 Instead of making trendy recipes this month, … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Fruity Flatbread, Savory or Sweet

  One of the recipes on the July Recipe Bucket list is Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil from the Food Charlatan I thought I had all the ingredients…     But when this one is around, fruit disappears fast! There were only 2 blackberries left…         So a peach, a few strawberries … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Summer Peach Spinach Salad

  Last week was so much fun, I had an active group at the beach house for 10 days!       Everyone pitched in with the cooking, clean-up and menu planning We didn’t do anything fancy, just had fresh, good food         One night I threw some chopped ripe peaches into … Continue reading

Party Panache, Sunshine Pineapple Bacon Dip or Spread

    We had a festive 4th of July weekend with fireworks and a boat parade         And we snacked on this super easy delicious dip         Pineapple, cream cheese & chives, sour cream, bacon and 3 cheeses         It’s a flavor explosion in your mouth! … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Peach Mini Muffins with Almond Glaze

  Here’s a perfect summer breakfast bite         Little muffins full of fresh peaches and topped with a sweet almond glaze         Fresh summer peaches are a favorite treat around here           Perfect for little fingers and fishermen alike!         They are … Continue reading

The Organized Life, July Paint Bucket

  Happy July!       My blog anniversary is coming up on August 1… I have posted over 1,000 recipes in the past 8 years and so many are favorites worth repeating, I have decided to include more of them on my monthly Paint Bucket like this Watermelon Ice Cream Pie       … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Maple Bourbon Corn Gratin

      Is there anything better than fresh corn in the summer time?         It’s perfect simply roasted or grilled, but here’s another way to serve it~ This is a great casserole that can be prepared ahead of time and it makes a unique summer side dish that will always be … Continue reading

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