Sunday Supper, 10 Yummy Fall Soups

I’m in full Fall soup mode, there is nothing better than getting cozy with a nice hot bowl of soup as the days get shorter and the temps get cooler I’ve rounded up some favorites that are simple to make and guaranteed to satisfy! Beer Cheese soup is a must for our Fall menu, This … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, Chicken Alfredo Bubble Up with Mushrooms and Spinach

Now that it’s September, I’ve been dreaming of the comforting foods of Fall, hearty soups, crock pot meals and casseroles One of the recipes on my September bucket list, Creamy Chicken Bake was the inspiration for this easy and amazing one dish meal I changed it up, using chicken thighs, fresh mushrooms, spinach and Alfredo … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, 3 Favorite Shortcut Meals

I know people think HHjr and I cook a lot, and we do, but we also have some favorite short cut meals made with a little help from all ready prepared ingredients Here are our 3 favorites Let’s start with Chicken Cordon Bleu *boneless breast of chicken, stuffed with ham and cheese, and coated with … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, ABC Quesadillas and Tortilla Ideas

As I’ve mentioned before, quesadillas are a favorite around here We are more likely to have tortillas on hand than bread! We like flour tortillas, they have a long shelf life and you can keep them in the refrigerator too Tortillas aren’t just for Mexican dishes, they are so versatile~ HHjr uses them to make … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, Corn & Zucchini Pesto Stuffed Shells with Marinara

This is a great “make now and bake later” dish I wanted to make dinner for HHjr last Sunday because he was driving back from a fishing weekend I had a few summer vegetables I wanted to use up They were perfect for Summer Stuffed Shells Get the pasta going while you cut corn from … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, Blueberry Corn Bake

Blueberry and Corn Casserole from Miz Helen’s Country Cottage caught my eye recently and I put it on my bucket list of recipes to make for August The texture is softer and lighter than cornbread, yet it’s firmer than a traditional creamy casserole So I call it Blueberry Corn Bake This recipe is so versatile, … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, Summer Vegetable Tian

Are you grilling something for supper tonight? Oh good! I have the perfect side dish for you, a Summer Vegetable Tian A tian is a dish made with layered ingredients, arranged in a shallow baking dish This one is made with sliced potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, onions and tomatoes~ An all in one side to … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, Cheesy Tomato Basil Flatbread

We’ve been having a great time on the coast this past week, boating, swimming and playing 4th of July fun with friends The other day I told HHjr that instead cooking that night we should have a “clean out the fridge” dinner “We have a lot of BBQ ribs leftover from our 4th of July … Continue reading

Father’s Day Menu

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there! My son took a couple days off last week and headed to the beach house with friends for a guys weekend of fishing and relaxing He loves to cook, but I’m cooking for him today I made a batch of his favorite Chex Mix He … Continue reading

Sunday Supper, BBQ Chicken & Corn Pizza with Spinach Salad Topping

Pizza and flatbreads are a great way to reinvent leftovers We loaded the slow cooker up with chicken wings last Saturday Island Time Chicken only takes minutes to prep, which is perfect for busy summer days You can make it with breasts or thighs too, whatever you like There was enough chicken left over for … Continue reading