Party Panache, Orange Glazed Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Balls

I know this week is all about giving thanks, being with family and friends, and feasting, but it’s also a big week of football  🏈 Besides turkey and trimmings we will need football food! I know tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and I’m not trying to rush Christmas, but we are all about red and white  🐘 Our … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Blue Raspberry Bread with Orange Glaze

It’s nice to have a coffee cake or bread on hand for an easy weekend breakfast.  I made this Blue Raspberry Bread so the fishermen could grab a slice before they headed out on the high seas for the catch of the day~ It’s a rainbow of colors and flavors This is a “quick bread” … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! Orange Roll Clouds

Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure you are up to your elbows in turkey and stuffing so I just wanted to share a quick dish you might want to make for a special holiday treat, mmmmm…Christmas or a New Year’s Brunch perhaps? The best way to describe these pillowy soft rolls is clouds They are like … Continue reading