The Organized Life, Preparing for the 4th

With the 4th of July one week away, I’m ramping up my preparations to make it a smooth sailing holiday! I think my favorite part of entertaining is the planning…I love the process of getting organized ahead of time…it eliminates last minute stress…If you can take some time now, you will be rewarded in spades, … Continue reading

The Organized Life, Small Space Solutions

  Are you cleaning and purging and organizing and dieting and exercising and reading more and sleeping more and doing all the standard New Year’s resolution things???       hmmmm…       Even though I have a laundry list of things I want to do this winter, if art is involved it’s a … Continue reading

The Organized Life, 127 Wrenches

“What’s that stuff for?” HH said     “I thought these might be handy to organize your tools,”  I said     “Organize my tools?”  he asked, “I know exactly where everything is…”     “Um, well, every time I need a screwdriver or the pliers, I have to take everything out, dig around, then … Continue reading