Party Panache, Cheese Stars

    With the 4th of July just around the corner You might need a last minute snack or appetizer for your celebration! If you have  bread,  cheese, mayonnaise and a cookie cutter, you can make these! Since we’re celebrating on the coast, I made some “goldfish” too This is a quick and popular snack … Continue reading

Party Panache, Ditzy Ritz

This is one of those recipes that made me want to immediately run to the store to get the ingredients You know, an OMG I HAVE TO EAT THAT NOW type recipe 😋 Salty, buttery, flavorful, crispy, crunchy, crackers! 5 minutes to prep Pour the butter mixture over the crackers in a large ziplock plastic … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Peanut Butter Power Balls

Are you a dedicated breakfast eater? I tend to grab and go, maybe a yogurt, or a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter, and I am fairly addicted to these peanut butter bites from Skippy They are great for grabbing for a quick breakfast or snack on the run I decided to try making … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Frozen Cereal Pops!

Did you have a great Memorial Day? Summer is officially here! How about a nice cold popsicle? These were a big hit with the kiddos An icy treat that can be breakfast or an afternoon snack Even the kids can help make these easy treats Just fill a plastic popsicle mold with cereal, fill with … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Healthy Apples!

APPLES! Turns out, an apple a day does keep the Doctor away! My husband, HH has been struggling with acid reflux for a while and has tried all kinds of pills and treatments.  After breaking out into a rash  3 days after starting Prilosec otc, he swore off all drugs.  Then, a crazy thing happened.  … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Harvest Snack Attack

Recently my son-in-law NG, [the Nicest Guy] was looking a little pathetic, feeling used and abused during our recent “Big Garage Sale”…he did work really hard, was the Main Muscle and had to move, haul, and carry a LOT of stuff.  To cheer him up I promised him a sweet treat and he smiled and … Continue reading