Tablescapes, Hearts & Arrows

Welcome to the Romantic Table for Two blog hop!   Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate has gotten this group of fun and talented bloggers together this week to share some romantic inspirations with you with tables set for 2       HH has the key to my heart     A wonderful guy who puts up … Continue reading

Holidays, Valentine Love, crafts, sweets, tables, decor

We celebrate all the holidays in a big way, especially Valentine’s Day XO rectangular pillow here         Not only is it a romantic day for us, it is HHjr’s birthday Valentine Birthday Dinner       My youngest son’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving sometimes, A Valentine baby and a Thanksgiving baby! White … Continue reading

Holidays, Chocolate Ravioli

Happy Valentine’s Day!     I’m going to fill you with sweet treats today, that are not only perfect for your Valentine,       but can be made for any occasion     just by changing the colors of your sprinkles    🐰   🇺🇸   🏈  🎃   🎄   💘     Can you taste the possibilities?  … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Sunny Valentine

A basket full of hearts and bling       Colorful roses to make the heart sing       Lacy doilies under the plates     A cupid full of hearts awaits     A sunny table, simple and light     Will surely make your day seem bright       And add … Continue reading

Creations, Ribbon Heart

Here is a super thrifty, fast and easy, DIY that anyone can do       All you need is a wire coat hanger and some ribbon or fabric strips… Untwist the neck and use your hands or pliers to bend and shape into a heart.  You can keep the hook or straighten the wire … Continue reading

Tablescapes, King & Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts All on a summer’s day     The Knave of Hearts He stole those tarts And took them clean away     The King of Hearts Called for the tarts,     And beat the knave full sore; The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts,     And vowed he’d … Continue reading

Holidays, Valentine’s Day Round-up

I might have mentioned, a gazillion times, that Valentine’s Day is a very special holiday in our house…it’s only a month away!       My oldest son was born on Valentine’s Day, so we have always gone all out to celebrate, like this   Valentine Birthday table several years ago     I like … Continue reading

Creations, Painting Roses

rose glasses

  Since Valentines Day is on the horizon, I thought it might be fun to paint some roses     The rose itself is a complex creature, layers of petals and color tones     It’s all a matter of simplifying, breaking down the shape     The simplest “rose” is an oval or circle … Continue reading

Holidays, Happy Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Brownies

HH & I  celebrated Valentine’s Day last weekend He brought me roses, so incredibly sweet… and I “glammed” them up with some foil heart garland inside the vase and around the blooms It was mild enough outside for some Valentine crafts Even CC, not quite 2, had to bring Valentines to her school this week … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Velvet Mushroom Stroganoff with Pancetta

I don’t know about you, but I think going out on Valentine’s Day is always risky~expensive~crowded~and iffy food~ Here’s a tasty little dish that will have your Valentine swooning, and the best part is you can make it ahead of time and let it bake in the oven while you’re swilling champagne  🍸 It’s so … Continue reading

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