The Craziest Things of 2014

While looking for a photo of an ear of corn,  I know, random, don’t ask,  I realized that I did some extra crazy things last year, that might just need a second look~ so my year in review is a collection of Crazy

hair salon

Sometimes getting a little crazy and loosening up is just what we need to relax and break the stress that life deals out on a daily basis.  I was commissioned by local hair salon to do this crazy painting

new years

A cold front came in with a thunderstorm and I was complaining to a friend about our house getting hit by lightning,  on day 2 of this not so lucky New Year.   Lightning blew up our sprinkler system…which we knew because the same thing happened 3 years ago to the tune of $2500…who says lightening never strikes twice…

January chalk art thepaintedapron.som

My friend said simply, “Well, maybe you should just get off your a…  get out there and water your own grass!”


that was a cold water wake-up!  I was being a drama queen~

In other words, keep it simple and keep things in perspective…good advice…   😳

Year in review, the Craziest Things of 2014

In January I got my jewelry organized with knobs on a painted closet wall, see Necklace Wall Organizer here


wall for jewelry

In February I put a pink feather boa on my mantel for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's decor 2

and dined on Pear and Gorgonzola Quiche

pear and gorgonzola quiche 1

And caught  Mardi Gras fever!

mardi gras wreath 1

March was all about Chalkboard Recipe fun

Birthday Girl chalkboard

April meant gardening and painted Garden Stakes

painted garden stakes

The Beach House Addition was finally finished and our crazy powder room was revealed

beach addition thepaintedapron

In May I made an easy Daisy Dip

daisy dip

and painted a Beachy Bench

beach bench 3

and made some Painted Flatware

painted flatware

June kicked off with some Hot Pink Fun in the Summertime

summer fun 1

and we enjoyed Summer Salad with Magic Blueberry Dressing

magic blueberry salad

The heat of  July was cooled with Chilled Peach Soup with Raspberry Cream

creamy peach soup

and we indulged in Maple Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

bacon wrapped onion rings

and I got real crazy painting waves in Make Cleaning Fun here

laundry room mermaid

August was full of Savory Apple Pie Quesadillas

apple pie quesadilla the 1

and BLT BBQ Bloody Marys

BLT bloody mary

In September I made a Haunted Halloween Mansion to gear up for Halloween

haunted house on top of witch

and made a popcorn beer for Octoberfest Beer Garden

Octoberfest 2

In October I discovered a Witch at the Door


and No Guilt Microwave Potato Chips

potato chips

November was full of trees like this Party Favor Tree

party tree

and the Sweet Home Alabama Tree

sweet home alabama tree 1

December turned out to be plenty of fun with some painted pumpkins and a pumpkin snowman in a Holiday Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin snowman 1

and the kiddos counted down to Christmas with a giant Advent Calendar Tree

Advent calendar

Yep, it was a crazy year, but you know what?  Having a little crazy, keeps things sane!

Thanks for reminiscing with me today!

My favorite post of 2014 was Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll pop over and take a peek here



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11 Responses to “The Craziest Things of 2014”
  1. Mary says:

    Love your crazy look back Jenna and your gift and fearlessness with the paint brush! Maybe if I painted my washer I’d enjoy the chore of laundry more 🙂 I regretfully never mastered chalk pen art, I ended up pushing them to the back of the drawer of my chest in my potting shed using old fashioned chalk instead but I so admire your artful penmanship and colorful fonts when you chalk it up!

    • Thanks so much Mary, but I promise chalk pens are so much easier than regular chalk, and you have made so many fabulous chalk messages for your potting shed, you really should dig your pens out and play 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    Okay so that painting totally looks like Ann Margaret. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! What a great look back at your crazy year. You’re so creative and talented, it’s mind blowing!

  3. Liz Mackie says:

    Thank you. You are so talented! Have a great weekend!

  4. Scribbler says:

    Everything you do is fun, but my most favorite thing here is the painting!

  5. Pat your self on the back for all the creative things you have done this year. Loved your recap.You stay busy busy all the time.
    I am sitting my a cozy fire with my feet propped up in the recliner thinking I should get up and get busy with projects or grab my camera and get busy photographing something I actually did. Oh, well maybe tomorrow.I am busy resting and visiting my friends.
    That pear and gorgonzola quiche is calling my name. Pinning for another day.

    • Thanks sweet Bonnie, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been lounging in my chair by the fire watching football and tennis all day while my son is cooking dinner 🙂 Visiting friends is always a good idea!

  6. Kim says:

    Thank for the review, Jenna. You did have fabulous posts in 2014! I know 2015 will be even better. My favorite painting is the one you did for the salon. I love how you did the hair! Great posts all year. 🙂

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