Fearless Friday, Art Imitating Flowers

Last week we created a Summer Cottage interior in 2 ways, one with the urban sketching and watercolor technique and one with colored pencil Today we are going to color a detailed sketch with markers to demonstrate how different mediums create different effects, and there is another free printable for you to experiment with This … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Summer Cottage & free printable

Are you familiar with Urban Sketching? It’s sketching on location, artists out and about in cities and towns, capturing life as it’s happening~ 2 of my favorite Urban Sketchers are Charlie Breen and Ian Fennelley Cabbagetown by Charlie Breen They have an incredibly loose style and add watercolor with abandon~ lines don’t have to be … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Copycat Fergal the Frog

As many of you know I have a passion for MacKenzie-Childs I love their basic black and white Courtly Check, the way they mix patterns, the color combinations and the sheer whimsey of their pieces Fergal the frog has tempted me on many occasions I have drawn him And today I’m going to show you … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Wet into Wet Fast Florals

It’s been a busy week, and when I’m short on time, my favorite way to squeeze in art is painting fast florals I keep a Pinterest board of flower photos and paintings for quick reference so I always have inspiration photos at my finger tips “Wet into Wet” is a fun watercolor technique that is … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Popping Poppies, Saving a Painting

Paintings often take their own direction and end up differently than originally planned… Sometimes it is the result of fixing a mistake, or “happy accident”… and other times you get an idea or change direction mid painting… When I began this painting I had no plans of adding a third dimension, but here’s what happened… … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Tulip Tumblers & Spring Gift Idea

Today’s post incorporates 5 stroke tulips with a Spring gift idea Earlier this year we painted Fast and Loose watercolor tulips Today’s acrylic tulips are painted in much the same way One stroke for the stem, one stroke for a leaf on each side of the stem Then 2-3 strokes for the tulip If you … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, “Nesting”

Have you ever used masking fluid or frisket when you’re painting with watercolor? I have a bottle that’s who knows how old… I usually just work around the areas I want to keep white Somehow I got it in my head that masking fluid was too much trouble… Uh, no, it’s super easy and fun … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Easter Garden

When the MacKenzie-Childs Spring catalog arrived I fell in love with the cover and just had to paint it! I painted the background flowers and foreground moss with watercolor and used ink and markers for the bunny and eggs I started with a pencil sketch of the bunny {please forgive the bluish paper, I was … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Whimsical Abstract Floral in Acrylic

As artists we all inspire each other, and many instructors encourage artists to use other artists work as a model, and try to copy their painting as a way of learning and exploring I recently shared a tutorial on painting bunnies which inspired my friend Patti @ Pandora’s Box to paint Easter napkins Didn’t they … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Farm Fresh Eggs in Colored Pencil and a Printable

Being a huge MacKenzie-Childs fan, I often sate my appetite for buying something, by drawing it instead MacKenzie-Childs designs are so colorful and full of whimsy I find them hard to resist … These chicken pieces are crazy fun! You might be wondering why I only drew a partial view of the compote… Cropping your … Continue reading