Fearless Friday, Fast & Loose Watercolor Tulips

Watercolor is always an adventure, you’re never in complete control, sometimes it just has a mind of it’s own… so I just try to embrace the unexpected~ This is a really fun technique to try with watercolor~ Paint a shape, like the shape of a tulip bloom, with water, and then add a drop of … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Bunnies, 3 Ways

I have been thinking Spring all week, and what better way to think Spring than painting bunnies! You can paint them hopping with a simple stroke, or paint them with a puffy cotton tail… Or paint them with a floral headdress I’ve been traveling this week, with little time for painting and creating… These bunnies … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Originals from Inspirations

I recently got an email from another artist, Tori Hagaman, who asked me if she could sell a painting she did from one of my paintings… My painting was done from a photo shared by my friend Pam @Everyday Living A flower filled watering can “Sure,” I said, and went on to comment that as … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Less is More

Today I’m sharing a fun technique, an impressionistic approach to your subject, with watercolor This pink door photograph was my model As you can see below, I simplified the scene, drawing only part of the door, one lamp, and merely suggesting the flower pots and door details I began with a simple pencil sketch of … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Painted Pitcher

I bought this pitcher at Hobby Lobby several years ago, thinking I would do a MacKenzie-Childs knock off Instead of painting a MacKenzie-Childs style pattern, I ended up being inspired by my Pflatzgraff dishware and painted the pitcher to go with it and also go with a MKC Royal Check Pedestal Platter I received as … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Simple Painted Snowmen

These jolly snowmen can be created with just a few brushstrokes Here’s how they look on stemware If you paint on glass or dishware, you must use paint made for glassware These are the types of brushes I used to paint them These are the 3 designs we’ll be painting today “Happy Snowmen” have their … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Thank You Cards

Making your own cards can be so much fun, and it’s a way to turn doodling with a paint brush into something you can use I got motivated by this adorable card, below left Sweet Emily sent it to me for my birthday and I just had to draw it {below right} Then I decided … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Cardinal

I am fascinated by cardinals, every time I see one I feel like it’s good luck… Today we’re going to paint one on a snowy branch with watercolor But first, I’ve got to share what I got for Christmas! It’s a rolling storage bin with 6 large drawers and it stores all my art supplies, … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, January Journal Page

Happy New Year! Have you set new goals for 2021? How about including more art~ Daily drawing is such a skill builder and keeping a journal is a great way to do it! Today I’m going to show you a method I like to use for journaling I begin by first looking at fonts {I … Continue reading

Party Panache, Pimiento Cheese & Sausage Puffs

This is a twist on an old Southern party favorite, Bisquick Sausage Balls Thank you Ricki for telling me about this version! This combination is great for Christmas because the red pimientos and green onion pieces make them look party festive! You can use prepared pimiento cheese, or make your own here Because of the … Continue reading