Fearless Friday, Pink Gladiolas

I recently discovered a watercolor artist who’s style is really eye-popping Krzysztof Kowalski I just had to see if I could do something similar… I started with a pencil sketch Beginning with the top flower and working down, drawing shape by shape Instead of painting the flowers, I started with the background, painting different shades … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Spring Fever

Here we are at the end of February and I have a bad case of Spring Fever! Are you seeing any signs of Spring in your neighborhood? I’ve been spotting daffodils, forsythia and budding trees With daffodils on my mind I went to Pixabay for a photo inspiration Photo source Bright yellow and blue bring … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Abstract Watercolor Landscape

I have been experimenting with different styles and techniques lately, inspired by other artists, and this watercolor landscape caught my eye I found it on Pinterest but I was unable to source it Shapes and color tell the story here and I did a quick watercolor sketch rendition I started with the lightest areas, and … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Bright Bouquet in Acrylic

Last week we tried to mimic the look of an acrylic painting, top photo, with markers, bottom photo Although the end result was pretty, I quickly learned that you can’t capture the drama of acrylic paint with markers and paper so I couldn’t wait to try an acrylic version I decided to do the underpainting … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Painting with Markers

I wanted to experiment, and see if it was possible to get the look of a painted canvas with markers on paper The painting below, “Elaine” was my model I did a preliminary sketch, keeping the pencil lines very light so they wouldn’t show through the markers I chose the colors I wanted to use … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Zentangle Doodling

I was going to post a floral arrangement I created with markers today, but I had some internet issues and couldn’t edit the photos properly… So let’s revisit a fun technique called Zentangle that you don’t have to be an artist to do! This is a great way to relax Intentional doodling means instead of … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Valentine Card Ideas

With January almost over {Yay!} I thought it would be fun to think about Valentine card ideas and use watercolor, markers and ink to create original cards You can make cards that are romantic or whimsical Let’s get started with watercolor Make a stroke like a question mark, then make a reverse question mark stroke … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Hydrangea Vase

I did very little artwork during the holidays and just like anything else, when you stop or reduce time spent, you get rusty… I decided to do a quick and loose watercolor to get back in the groove This was painted from a photo by my friend Pam from Everyday Living She and her fellow … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Pink Peonies with Colored Pencil

Isn’t this flower arrangement gorgeous? Let’s recreate it with colored pencil today I didn’t do a pencil sketch, I jumped right in with a fine liner, drawing the shapes of the flowers and leaves I began with a few blooms and leaves on the lower right and worked my way across and up the arrangement … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Favorite Watercolor Techniques

To say goodbye to 2021, let’s take a look back at different watercolor techniques Just click on the highlighted painting titles to go to that tutorial I feel like you really have to be fearless when painting with watercolor Tropical Breeze was painted without a sketch, and is a series of abstract shapes and bright … Continue reading