Fearless Friday, with Fearless Guest Artist CC

These abstract watercolors were painted by my granddaughter CC when she was 3 years old She was definitely fearless! These paintings then inspired me to create Fearless Friday with an art tutorial as a regular weekly feature CC is now 10 and she is still loving art and fearlessly drawing and painting She spent a … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Colorful Studio with Marker

I have been fascinated lately with this abstract shape style artwork The colors and shapes just seem to draw you in~ I decided to copy the one with the paint palette and brushes Unfortunately I was unable to source the artists names so I can only source them to Pinterest Copying other artists work is … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Crabs

Feelin’ Crabby? Let’s paint some crabs today! You can paint them blue with orange claws… Or orange with blue claws To paint a crab start with a curved blue stroke, mixing just a touch of royal blue with turquoise Then top the blue stroke with an orange stroke with 2 humps Where the orange covers … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Pink Grapefruit in Pastel

Pastel painting fascinates me, but I have limited knowledge and experience It’s quite a messy medium and I only do it when I’m at the beach and outdoors “Sea Oats,” pictured above, is one of my most successful pastel paintings I really like the “Pastel Pot of Posies,” below, also The inspiration photo I used … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Cantaloupe

The hardest thing about art for me is deciding what to paint! I often scroll through Pinterest, Pixabay, and Unsplash, and see what catches my eye I saw this fruit still life and fell in love with the cantaloupe I decided not to sketch it, and just jump right in Simple strokes Building color as … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Still Life in Gouache

I am experimenting with Gouache painting Gouache is an opaque watercolor medium It thins with water to make a wash like watercolor, or can be applied directly When applied with just a little water it is not transparent, similar to acrylic I used this is inexpensive set For our painting today, I chose this still … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Arizona Landscape

I was inspired to draw this landscape by my sweet friend Nancy who spends the winter in Arizona She and her husband are always exploring the area and she posts wonderful photos of her adventures and the beautiful cacti that grow around her photo source Unsplash I wanted to try out a new style of … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Mother’s Day Roses

I am taking a little vacation today, a little Mother’s Day break … I’m re-sharing this post from 2017, Roses for Mother’s Day! It demonstrates one subject painted by two different artists, and shows how we each have our own unique style I sent a fellow artist this photo and asked her to paint it … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Floral Initial

I saw some cute wood letters with flowers on my friend Niki’s blog I thought it would be fun to design one on paper that could be used to make stationary, gift tags or cards I browsed Pinterest for ideas and made a collage to inspire my design Niki’s wood R is the gray one … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Mary’s Poppies

My friend Mary’s husband is a photographer She recently shared a photo of poppies that he captured on her blog Awakening Wonders Isn’t this beautiful? My first thought was, “I have to paint that!” I started with a pencil sketch, drawing the focal flower first then tucking the others behind it and adding the stems … Continue reading