Fearless Friday, Moonlit Castle

Castle was one of the prompts for the Inktober art challenge this month I looked at photos of castles on Pixabay for inspiration and chose these two photos to work from I used a ruler to get the lines straight A 6″ ruler is a handy size to keep with your pens and pencils When … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Summer Blooms

Flowers are a passion, and when I see a pretty arrangement like this one by my friend Pam from Everyday Living, my first thought is I want to paint that! So I did~ Let me show you the steps I printed out a collage of photos that I want to paint, including Pam’s arrangement I … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, A Day at the Beach

Even if a day at the beach isn’t in your plans this summer, you can always bring the beach to you in a painting! Today we’re going to do a quick watercolor sketch using a painting by oil painter Rene Wiley I was drawn to this painting by the bright colors and bold strokes It’s … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Lollipops

Today’s painting was inspired by artist Leah Gardner When I discovered some of her paintings on Pinterest, I flipped over her use of dramatic lighting Peach Jelly by Leah Gardner {oil painting} I decided to try doing one of her lollipop paintings with watercolor I took a screen shot of it and printed it for … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, with Fearless Guest Artist CC

These abstract watercolors were painted by my granddaughter CC when she was 3 years old She was definitely fearless! These paintings then inspired me to create Fearless Friday with an art tutorial as a regular weekly feature CC is now 10 and she is still loving art and fearlessly drawing and painting She spent a … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Cantaloupe

The hardest thing about art for me is deciding what to paint! I often scroll through Pinterest, Pixabay, and Unsplash, and see what catches my eye I saw this fruit still life and fell in love with the cantaloupe I decided not to sketch it, and just jump right in Simple strokes Building color as … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Mother’s Day Roses

I am taking a little vacation today, a little Mother’s Day break … I’m re-sharing this post from 2017, Roses for Mother’s Day! It demonstrates one subject painted by two different artists, and shows how we each have our own unique style I sent a fellow artist this photo and asked her to paint it … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Watercolor Bird on a Branch

A recent prompt for the January 2023 Doodlewash art challenge was “branches” I often go to Pixabay for free photos to paint and when I searched for branches on their site this photo of a bird caught my eye Birds are a little out of my comfort zone so I began with a pencil sketch … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Paint & Doodle!

Today I want to share a fun method that will build your confidence as an artist~ you literally can not make a mistake! I call this technique “paint and doodle” Load a round brush with watercolor and paint a few simple shapes Continue to add more shapes, using a lot of water with your color … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Silver Coffee Pot

The prompt for July 16 during World Watercolor Month was “silver” After surfing through images on Pinterest for silver, I chose this elegant coffee pot to paint I love all the contrasts and the drama of the darks and lights First step was a pencil sketch If you’re not comfortable drawing something free hand you … Continue reading