Fearless Friday, Hydrangea Vase

I did very little artwork during the holidays and just like anything else, when you stop or reduce time spent, you get rusty… I decided to do a quick and loose watercolor to get back in the groove This was painted from a photo by my friend Pam from Everyday Living She and her fellow … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Pink Peonies with Colored Pencil

Isn’t this flower arrangement gorgeous? Let’s recreate it with colored pencil today I didn’t do a pencil sketch, I jumped right in with a fine liner, drawing the shapes of the flowers and leaves I began with a few blooms and leaves on the lower right and worked my way across and up the arrangement … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Waiting for Santa

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is a week from today?? I know some excited little ones that are waiting for Santa! Our houses are decorated and their stockings are hung~ Lots of holiday merriment has already begun! First a pencil sketch starting with stones Ink over the pencil and then erase You can download … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Holiday Trees

It’s been a busy week at The Painted Apron, and my birthday is tomorrow… so I am taking the day off and reposting this fun and fearless way anyone can create trees! How many ways can you draw a holiday tree? hmmm….let’s see! So many styles and possibilities! Fun to color too! I used watercolor … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Holiday Candle

Happy December! Let’s light a holiday candle to celebrate this special time of the year! I painted this with watercolor but the tutorial will work with colored pencils, markers, or a combination of mediums also I started with a pencil sketch then inked over the pencil and erased You can print this here and color … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Holiday Ornaments

I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas this year! I recently heard that people who decorate early are significantly happier, so let’s bring on the decorations! Today we’re going to draw and color holiday ornaments and there is a free printable if you want to follow along and color with me First I did … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Easy Watercolor Autumn Tree

I promise you don’t have to be an artist to paint a colorful Autumn tree! Water will do the painting for you! Paint an abstract tree shape with clear water on watercolor or mixed media paper Drop in a golden yellow and let it bleed freely Continue with a lime green, orange, and red Let … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Maple Syrup

Fun with maple syrup today! I found a photo in iStock to use as my model I sketched the pancakes and syrup with pencil Then inked over it with a waterproof micron .01 fine liner pen and added some shapes where I wanted highlights I started with coloring the butter pat and highlights with shades … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Feelin’ Witchy!

Happy October! How did we get here so fast?? I am starting to feel a little witchy so let’s have some Halloween fun today! Today we’re going to draw and color one of Halloween’s favorite icons, witch legs When you are drawing something one of my favorite tricks to use is turning the paper Seeing … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Pumpkin Pickup

Today we’re going to draw and color a pumpkin truck There’s a free printable for you if you want to follow along I used markers, but you can use colored pencils or a combination First a pencil sketch Once you are satisfied with the drawing use a waterproof liner pen to ink your drawing and … Continue reading