Fearless Friday, Gearing Up for Inktober

Daily art challenges are a great way to get in the habit of daily drawing or painting It’s fun, and challenges are a great way to improve your skills, stretch your boundries and learn new things You can share your art on social media and be inspired by what other artists are doing I am … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Sunny Bouquet

Flowers are an instant mood lifter~ Let’s brighten today with a Sunny Bouquet! The inspiration for this bouquet came from a pretty stained glass window I saw on Pinterest The hard part of drawing, breaking the subject down into shapes, has already been done! I copied the shapes and their placement with a pencil sketch … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Painted Pumpkins

I’ve been thinking Fall this week My very favorite part of Fall is decorating with pumpkins I just adore pumpkins, any shape, color or kind! Today we’re going to paint pumpkins on all kinds of things, even paint pumpkins themselves! It’s fun to paint patterns on real pumpkins, I painted these Patterned Pumpkins for the … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Sunflower Pumpkin

Since I’ve been Playing with Sunflowers this week, why not draw and color them too! I have done sunflowers in many different mediums colored pencil, gouche, watercolor, pastel Today we’re going to use markers and the floral pumpkin pictured below is the inspiration photo I began with a pencil sketch Then I inked over the … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Zinnia Garden

I’m playing with gouache today, a medium that I am not very familiar with It has a lot of flexibility it can be thinned with water and used like watercolor or it can be applied more thickly like acrylic The Red Apples done with gouache show watery wash shadows and highlights while other parts of … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Summer Blooms

Flowers are a passion, and when I see a pretty arrangement like this one by my friend Pam from Everyday Living, my first thought is I want to paint that! So I did~ Let me show you the steps I printed out a collage of photos that I want to paint, including Pam’s arrangement I … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, A Day at the Beach

Even if a day at the beach isn’t in your plans this summer, you can always bring the beach to you in a painting! Today we’re going to do a quick watercolor sketch using a painting by oil painter Rene Wiley I was drawn to this painting by the bright colors and bold strokes It’s … Continue reading

Limelight Hydrangeas with Acrylic

It has been an unusually rainy week at the beach, so I haven’t been able to paint on the porch I have been watching Wimbledon and reading which I’ve really enjoyed, but sadly I’ve no new paintings to share Limelight Hydrangeas are one of my favorite summer flowers They are at their peak right now, … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Lollipops

Today’s painting was inspired by artist Leah Gardner When I discovered some of her paintings on Pinterest, I flipped over her use of dramatic lighting Peach Jelly by Leah Gardner {oil painting} I decided to try doing one of her lollipop paintings with watercolor I took a screen shot of it and printed it for … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Colorful Studio with Marker

I have been fascinated lately with this abstract shape style artwork The colors and shapes just seem to draw you in~ I decided to copy the one with the paint palette and brushes Unfortunately I was unable to source the artists names so I can only source them to Pinterest Copying other artists work is … Continue reading