Tablescapes, I’m Hooked!

I know


I’ve got a serious thing for fish

fish glass

I was so excited when I found the fish plates from Anthropologie and then found a pitcher to paint to match…you can see them at Trattoria Sardina here

trattoria sardina 4

So excited…


Then I went to Home Goods…

and I saw this


and I saw this


and this


It’s a ceramic sardine tin for candles!


and this pitcher

fish glass 2

and I was, forgive the pun, hooked



somethings fishy 5


somethins' fishy thepainted

fishing table

sardine place

fish place setting

fishing table

somethings fishy table 2

I'm hooked

somethins' fishy thepainted

sardine candle

fish glass

I had to paint some wine glasses to match

sardine glasses 1

This pitcher is uncannily similar to the one I wanted at Anthropologie, what do you think?

I’m wondering who copied who?   It’s making me feel a whole lot better about my pitcher knock-off

The Anthro pitcher is $58.  Les Petite Sardines pitcher was $16.99…how could I resist?

Sardina pitcher

We try to update something at the beach house every spring, and this year it was dinnerware~

My family basically applauded and said “It’s about time!”

Sooooooo, you might see a few more things as summer rolls along…

I'm hooked glasses

 I’m hooked on anything fishy!


Juicy Details

Les Petite Sardines dinnerware is by Blue Sky Ceramic/Home Goods

small fish painting/local artist

“Shoreline” abstract painting, painted stemware/JMdesigns

large ceramic kissy fish teapot/Home Goods, the other large kissy fish I’ve had for years


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36 Responses to “Tablescapes, I’m Hooked!”
  1. Lynn says:

    Very cute! Isn’t it the law that if you live by water you have to collect “fishy” things?:@) I’m sure you’ll have no problem adding to your new collection!

  2. Mary says:

    I love all your fishy dinnerware and glasses Jenna! I’ve seen some really cute fish plates and accessories at HomeGoods lately that are oh so tempting! I had to chuckle over the sardine voitive holder 🙂 Your painted glasses are too cute and of course match perfectly. ♥

  3. Jodi says:


  4. Ellen says:

    Too cute! Love the goblets — there is no end to your talents. I really like your beachy table, too.

  5. Rosie M. says:

    LOVE THOSE NEW DISHES, Jenna!!!!! And that sardine can votive holder is darliing! You really scored at HG!! And, of course, your added personal touches are perfect. What a wonderful tablescape. I’m still smiling! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    • Thanks Rosie, I have been a very bad girl 😉 but my whole group, including my husband said they were so sick of all the old dishes and so happy to have new ones! Glad I made you smile! >

  6. oh this is adorable.

  7. Beautiful! Love everything about this table, especially that stemware!

  8. Oh my gosh I adore everything here! I am so jealous that I don’t have a Home Goods store nearby. Love that sardine dish- totally cute! All the dishes and stemware are so bright and colorful- you just have to love it all! Those kissing fish are too adorable!

  9. Darling! So charming and whimsical. I love it. You have included so many wonderful details and have thought of everything to make this a most welcoming table.

  10. Kim says:

    Oh, my goodness, Jenna, I’m swooning, and I don’t even do fish. I almost did, though, recently at T.J. Maxx in ATL on a small set of fish bread and butters. But yours are so much cuter! I’m glad I waited until I see something I swoon over, like yours. Except, now I won’t buy plates like yours because they’re, well…yours. 🙂 I adore that sardine can candle holder!! THAT, I would buy for a friend who’s husband always brings me cans of sardines when they come to eat with us. He knows how we Southern women always take hostess gifts to one another, and the sardines are his “host” gift. Ha! Now we pass the same cans back and forth, and it’s a fun game. 🙂 I love your blue and white fish with those lips! I think you made a smashing bargain with that pitcher. Love the stems, too. Did you paint those? Thanks for sharing your new fishy items. I’ll think of you with all I find from now on…I think I’m hooked, too.

    • Ha, love the sardine game!! Let me just embarrass myself by confessing that I went to Home Goods 3 times in 2 days because I was so hooked…I went one morning and bought a few things, then decided to check out the other HG [unfortunately for my wallet, there are 2 in Bham, each only 15 minutes away] and they had a whole other selection…then the next morning I couldn’t stand it and went back for more…How sick is that! So my advice to you is to watch out for those fish hooks!!! The napkins are dish towels [HG too] but the napkin rings I’ve had for years. Yes, I painted the glasses, see how thrifty I am 🙂 I am living at the beach this summer, no HGs in sight! >

      • Kim says:

        I’d be the same way if I had a Home Goods nearby – or two. Yesterday, I visited the one in Jackson on my way home from a trip, and I wanted to buy the whole store! I got so overwhelmed, I walked away with nothing. Can you believe that? Everything was fish-themed and beach-themed, and I’d have to buy everything since I have none at all. HH would have been very unhappy with me bringing home even more to squeeze into the cabinets. I’m sure he’d be proud of my restraint if he knew. I saw a fish plate that was a little different than your pattern but would be a perfect addition for serving. It’s all too fun, isn’t it?

      • oh how I admire your willpower Kim! I will say that when I was lugging in all to the beach last month, my HH said, “why is there so much stuff in your car?” Ha! I broke him in gradually, and he loves it all now~ >

  11. Kim says:

    As I scrolled back up, I noticed the napkins and rings. I don’t know how I missed them the first time, but they are perfect with your table decor. 🙂

  12. I am happy you are hooked! This table is perfection, Jenna. I love it all!

  13. Judy Pimperl says:

    I LOVE your bright, happy, fish tablescape! That sardine can is too cute…I wonder who in the world thought of that.

  14. Bev says:

    This bright, cheerful table is the bomb! Your fish details are great.

  15. I LOVE this!! The colors and fish are perfectly summer! I came across the same things at Homegoods last week and had to really restrain myself from buying it all … but now looking at your table, I think I have to go back!

  16. Virginia says:

    Love the fish theme!

  17. Sarah says:

    Jenna, I’ve admired the sardine plates at Anthro, but resisted. Wonderful luck in reeling in the additional sardine items from Home Goods. Great fishing! I find the designs adorable and perfect for a beach house. I look forward to seeing more tables using these whimsical dishes.
    Happy Summer!

  18. Love it! If you’re going to love something, you may as well go full hog–err, fish? 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining us for Idea Box. I hope you link up with us again this week!! Party is live tomorrow morning. xo clem

  19. I love the table theme and all the stories and creativity that went along with it. Very cute for summer anywhere — not just the beach!

  20. Love it! So much cuteness and whimsy. I adore the fish with the lips. So well put together.

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