Creations, Crochet Cozy for Baby

A “cozy” is what I call a smaller version of an afghan






I recently made one for myself with a combination of leftover yarn I had from various baby blankets





It’s perfect for covering your feet and legs, without the bulkiness of a full size afghan or throw




It’s about 24″ x 48″




A standard size baby blanket is 36″ x 36″




I chose bulky yarn this time so it would work up quickly




My go to stitch is the shell, it’s fun to do and looks so pretty





I wanted to try a new stitch this time, and chose the V double crochet stitch




You can find a great tutorial here





Then I did 5 rows of single crochet on the long edges to finish





The soft fluffy white yarn looks like fur when it’s stitched closely together






A cozy is great for using in a stroller or car seat, this pinky orange one is about 24″ x 40″






Be sure to add washing instructions to your creations




I made this in PicMonkey, using one of their templates as a base and then I adjusted the colors and text





I folded it up and tied it with a pink polka dot ribbon and put it in a clear gift bag





If you like to crochet, I’d love to know your favorite stitch!





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Juicy Details

unfortunately the bright pastel yard I used for my adult cozy is no longer available but you can see lots of other choices here

yarn/Bernat here and here

lacy edge baby blanket

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24 Responses to “Creations, Crochet Cozy for Baby”
  1. Jodi says:

    Oh it’s beautiful!!!

  2. Love these – what a great gift! I can’t crochet, nor knit – I have a few horror stories that go along with yarn and tools – lol!!

  3. Jenna, you are one talented lady…I don’t know that you crocheted. What a beautiful gift!

  4. Jenna, is there anything you can’t do! This is so beautiful and I love all the colors in all of them. I think the stitch that looks like fur would be fun. I did do a little crocheting when I was younger and I have one throw to prove it. Simply a perfect gift!

  5. lulu says:

    You can crochet along with all the other things you do? I’m beginning to think you can do most anything you set your mind to.

  6. Is that sweet baby one of yours? I love all these cozy blankets, especially the melon one. Wish I crocheted!

    Johanne Lamarche


  7. Jenna you are multi-talented and I hope by visiting your blog it might rub off on me 🙂 The blanket is a gift from the heart.

  8. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Dear Martha Stewart, Stop taking over Jenna’s blog!

  9. I do like that V stitch:@)

  10. Ellen says:

    You are a woman of many talents! I used to knit and crochet all the time when my son was little. Now I wonder when I had time. Probably it was because no one ever heard of a computer!

  11. I love it, Jenna! I love the colors, and the size is perfect for a car seat. Is there anything you can’t do? Honestly you are one of the most talented people I know, and it’s an honor to know you!

  12. Such a beautiful gift of your time and talent. I don’t know how you have time to do all you do. I never finish blog commenting.
    You even wrapped and labeled it so pretty.

  13. With the baby due next week, I really have to get into the baby-making mode. This is adorable and I really love your sense of color. Doesn’t surprise me a bit! Wonderful!

  14. You are so very talented! These are just beautiful and look so snugly! I have not crocheted for years, yours looks just wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Mary says:

    Oh so sweet and beautiful Jenna! Crocheting is not in my skill set but you make me want to take it up. I adore your yarn and stitch choices and I’m sure Anna Gray and her mom were thrilled to receive your gift. ♥

  16. Designing Us says:

    I love all the colors! I love the label you made for it too.

  17. Elaine R. says:

    Love the blanket & the baby!!

    I don’t know how to crochet…do you have any ideas on how I can learn????

    Have a blessed day,

    • hi Elaine, crocheting is really easy. There are a lot of great tutorials online, but if you’ve never done it before it can be confusing. If you have a good local yarn or knit store in your area, they might offer classes or even teach you for free. One of my friends taught me in a few minutes and once you get the hang of the basic stitches you can experiment with fancier options. I hope you have fun! >

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