Tales of the Traveling Tote Jaunting into June

The Traveling Tote group is made up of MacKenzie-Childs loving ladies who share the adventures they have with their totes inspired by the book/movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

You can read about how this group got started over at Patti’s Pandora Box here

We’ve named our totes to give them each a distinct personality…



I joined the group early this year when HH surprised me with a late Christmas present…he had wrapped the tote early in December without a tag on the package, then forgot who it was for and gave it to my daughter.  When she opened it, she said, “isn’t this something for Mom?” we all had a good laugh, but I happily grabbed it and couldn’t wait to be on my way!



Most of the traveling I do these days is back and forthing between our 2 Alabama homes


HH has pretty much planted himself at the beach house, so I commute a little every month so I don’t miss the important stuff…


Like the championship baseball game


Or just hanging around the dug out


On Mother’s Day, we gathered at DD’s for ice cream cones



and lawn mower maintenance



My tote, “Miss Coquille,” did take a trip to the South Pacific



and enjoyed hanging out at Bloody Mary’s Bali Ha’i Bar



Miss Coquille loves to go out to lunch too, carrying my camera,



And dining on this patio overlooking the bay



A bright, sunny, and breezy day in late April


We pretty much had the place to ourselves, but beginning May 1 summer visitors will start to arrive


I am definitely going to use this paint technique, doesn’t it look great?  Random dry brush with color then sealed with a clear varnish


We love to spend a lot of time boating


Sometimes it’s calm on the water


Perfect for a family cruise



And sometimes it’s pretty crazy!



Memorial Day Madness!


What says welcome summer better than a bright pink flamingo float!



Our favorite thing about the beach house is that without going anywhere, you can see so many things right from the porch …



We have private dolphin shows


And a constant boat parade



Fishing charters and pleasure boats


Beautiful boats with fun nautical or fish related names


Pelicans and a variety shore birds



Sailboats heading out to the Gulf of Mexico


Graceful blue herons


There’s so much to see!

Happy June!


To celebrate summer, our hostess this month Rita is giving away this MacKenzie-Childs enamel storage box


Please visit Rita @ Panoply and leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win

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Our next Traveling tote adventure and giveaway will becoming up Sept 1!


👜   🌴   👜   🌴   👜   🌴

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39 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote Jaunting into June”
  1. Mary says:

    Love seeing were all your travelers’ and your totes go Jenna! Isn’t it great and so relaxing watching the boats go by for you and your little boaters? It was Memorial Day Madness on the water here too between the thunderstorms 🙂 Happy June 1st!

  2. Happy June and tote’ing Jenna! Really enjoyed this fun post of your adventures. I am looking forward to seeing you put your creative touch using that painting technique.

    Johanne Lamarche


  3. I love reading about the various traveling totes. Always sounds fun — and so do your travels with those sweet kids and loads of fun!

  4. Jenna, I laughed out loud when I saw your comment about painting the table! Only an artist would notice and think about the technique!! I would be focused only on those views and the adorable kids! It sounds like your spot on the water is really wonderful. I think I could sit on your porch all day watching the boats and birds. Linda

  5. Jenna, I enjoy reading the traveling totes series and your tote has been rather busy! I could sit for days and enjoy your view…Happy June!

  6. Omg, Jenna… Miss Coquille is one lucky tote!! Love your pics of the littles and the beautiful water! Your photos are fabulous and I almost felt that I was right in the boat and on the beach. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, You and Miss Coquille have such a blast, love how you enjoy the best of both worlds, fun at the beach house and your fun at your main home. Casual and relaxed at the beach and more formal in the other. I love to follow you around through your photos, I almost feel like I’m at the beach! Lets do lunch again soon!

  8. Kitty says:

    Traveling with Miss Coquille back and forth between your homes, must make it a little easier to carry all the essentials, Emily. I loved seeing your lawn maintenance guy….he gave me a smile, and all the kiddos enjoying boat time, was so sweet. My daughter has that same flamingo float for their backyard pool. It must always be a happy time at the beach, and never a dull moment.

  9. Jodi says:

    Oh That LUCKY LUCKY Tote! and that blue heron shot! Wowza! Looks like a painting in waiting! 🙂

  10. What fun adventures Jenna. Jenna, You and Miss Coquille are having way too much fun! How special to do a lot of boating and enjoy the water. Traveling back and forth is great for change of scenery. I am sure Miss Coquille is loving the adventures. Great shots of the birds and I really enjoyed your South Pacific table. So glad to be part of this fun group.

  11. What fabulous pictures, Jenna! You have so many amazing views to enjoy! And Miss Coquille is experiencing adventures of a lifetime! Would be nice to be a pack of tissues or something so I could come along! Your traveling group is getting too much enjoyment with this theme!

  12. Wow…what a lovely place you have on the water….The view is stunning. The little one and the lawnmower is so cute! And the pic of the heron is fabulous!! Must be fun to see so much excitement on the water…Thanks for sharing all of this! Happy Tales!

  13. debra cantales says:

    I had to chuckle when you said you are definitely going to use the paint technique. The technique looks great with the bag too! I like how MKC drags multiple colors through the black and white checks. Miss Coquille is having the time of her life with you! Have a perfect weekend Jenna!

  14. Jenna, I can see why being on the porch can be just as much fun as anywhere on the water with the views you have – so, so wonderful! Your love of family and how you juggle the back and forthing, all the festive food celebrations you create, and your zest for soaking all that beauty in with your painting are each and all evident through your posts. I love your Miss Coquille being part of that fun, and both of you being part of our circle of friendship. Cheers to June and the Courtly Checks!

  15. Traveling with you today has been so much fun. I love all the activity on the water! So much nature to see and people! I enjoyed seeing your grands enjoy life at the beach and on the water and on the ball field!
    I admire how you have the zest for life at the beach or back home. I know something good is cooking at both places. Count me in.
    Always good to see the traveling totes. They know how to enjoy life! Great pic of you, Jenna.

    • Thanks Bonnie, I have sworn off cooking this week after Memorial Day! But snapper season just opened and I have a fridge full that the guys are grilling tonight…the only thing I made this week was chocolate chip cookies from one of those packages that even have the dough cut for you so all you have to do is put it on the pan and turn on the oven 😂

  16. Karen says:

    Happy June is right…I think your summer will be fun packed.

  17. Kim says:

    How fun, Jenna! You advertise for the beach life too heavily, and you’ll have many of us knocking at your door with our own bags, suitcases, totes and all! 🙂 Seriously, though, thanks for sharing some of your enjoyment at your southernmost location. It’s gorgeous and dreamy…

    • thanks Kim, when I first joined the group I warned them my travels were very limited, and sometimes we wish our little slice of paradise was a little less well known… >

  18. What a fun post this is! I like taking a peek at what you’ve had going on. And, your water view isn’t too shabby either! See all that craziness out on the water during Memorial day makes me more than glad that we stayed home by the pool. I hope your holiday was lovely!

    • Ha, yes, it was CRAZY, I can’t believe the boat traffic on these summer weekends now! We usually just sit and watch! There is nothing better than having a private pool, and your setting is so private and pretty, you are smart to just stay there~ >

  19. Ann Krucek says:

    I think your tote leads a more exciting life than most!!! This is such a cute idea and I enjoyed reading your post! what fun!! keep it up! I will be looking for the other tote stores as well!

    • Aren’t you sweet Ann, some of the ladies travel extensively but my husband hates to travel and I’ve sort of gotten that way myself~ we are happy just back and forthing and letting everyone come visit us! >

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