Fearless Friday, Watercolor Hydrangreas


Time to paint!

I have painted lots of hydrangeas in acrylic, like Pam’s Hydrangeas,  {tutorial here}




And on glassware





I decided to try doing them in watercolor, which to me is a much less forgiving medium






As you can see with the steps above, I began by making the 3 blooms with light watercolor washes

Then adding darks and a few details, laying in the background with the wet into wet method*

*applying water first to the desired area then dropping in some color and blending out with a large brush

Then final details, leaves and stems





I didn’t love it, so I put it away for a few days…when looking at it again,  I decided to keep it to share, and try again






For the second attempt, I decided to move a little slower and use more detail


This time I painted some petals in the highlight area first, then proceeded with a light color wash













This was a challenge for me, because I like to paint fast, but I do think this one turned out so much better

I am not a great watercolorist, but I am trying to learn new techniques and am having fun experimenting

There are many techniques, and no right or wrong ways,  and I am simply showing the ones I used






Hmmm…I think I’ll try hydrangeas with markers…





What is your favorite medium?






If you have any tips or tricks for using watercolor, please share!!

My favorite tip is make a color chart, and keep it handy…



Have fun and Be Fearless!


psst…you can buy some “Hydrangea Love” from my shop on Society 6 here

This design is available on 21 different items




🎨   🎨   🎨

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28 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Watercolor Hydrangreas”
  1. RS says:

    I love hydrangeas and your watercolor art!

  2. hilda5462 says:

    Nice! I am largely an acrylic painter, but, I like to dabble in water colour…. It feels like a vacation, to me! I think the success of your second version is largely about the pure beauty of the colours and that you plainly learned something about how to give the feeling of detail, with less uniformity and more randomness….if that makes sense! I love it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • thank you HIlda, that’s what I thought too. I’m impressed you feel like wateercolor is a vacation, I am hoping I will eventually feel that way too 🙂

      • hilda5462 says:

        It’s probably because I that’s when I usually DO water colour, when I’m on vacation! And maybe a little because of the ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ aspect of it …. Not because I am some kind of expert or anything 😉

  3. Jenna, I love the watercolor hydrangeas, but I love everything you do. I can’t wait to use my Pam’s Hydrangeas pillows and tote in a garden setting! Happy Fearless Friday!

  4. Sharon Mann says:

    Exquisite painting Jenna.

    • thank you Sharon, I am starting to have a little more understanding of watercolor, I have a mini travel palette and several brush pens which you can take and use anywhere without fuss or set up, so I hope to be doing that a lot this summer. I hope you have an art filled weekend!

  5. Julie says:

    I love your hydrangea paintings Jenna. They are really beautiful!! It looks great on the mug and tote. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  6. Jenna, these are beautiful and I really love and appreciate your lesson. Oh, you’ve got it — the loose, fluffy feel of the hydrangea. I must do your lesson and give it a try. Your Studio 6 items look terrific and a reminder to hit the website. I have birthdays coming up in the coming months. Thanks for this — I’ll let you know how it goes~!

  7. Rosie M. says:

    Oh, my, Jenna what stunning, beautiful blooms! As a total non-artist, I absolutely marvel at how you take a dab here, and a dab there, and before you know it, a feast for the eyes of happy hydrangeas appears! I love the way the design looks on the mug and tote. I’m heading over to Studio 6 right now…….Bravo! Rosie

  8. Jill Kuhn says:

    I like both your paintings, Jenna! I always learn so much when I paint a subject more than once. 💜 I especially like your colors in the second painting. It sings happiness to me! 💖😍

    • thank you Jill, I agree, you do learn from painting the subject more than once, I plan on trying a different media for my next attempt. Have an art filled weekend!

  9. Jenna, the hydrangeas are beautiful! I am so scared of watercolors because they are unforgiving! Hydrangeas are hard to paint in oils!!! You are the master! 😀

  10. Cyndi Raines says:

    I think both attemps are well done, very beautiful. Jenna, I have to tell you your Kentucky Derby Pecan bars hit it out of the park! Oh my gosh were they oh, so DELISH! Good thing I cut them on the small side as they are wonderfully rich and gooey-good! I didn’t have the chocolate, but I added 1 1/2 tablespoons of warmed up hot fudge topping to the sweetened condensed milk and stirred well. It turned out great. The whipped cream on top was awesome. I had caramel topping on hand, but didn’t use it as it was great without it. It is a keeper and will for sure be making it again as everyone loved it! Thank you for this wonderful, easy to make desert! 😊

    • I really appreciate your feedback Cyndi! I am thrilled they were a hit!! They are definitely rich and gooey, but what’s better the licking chocolate covered fingers 😋

  11. Mary says:

    Your hydrangeas are just beautiful Jenna! ♥

  12. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, oh you are amazing at doing watercolors. I know this medium is difficult to work with. Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the week and Happy Mother’s Day

  13. Miz Helen says:

    I love your water color of the beautiful Hydrangreas, so soft and peaceful! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!
    Miz Helen

  14. Maristella says:

    I love your hydrangeas,very beautiful!

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