Tales of the Traveling Totes, Spring Outings

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Welcome to the June Tales of the Traveling Totes!

It’s time to share what our totes have been up to this Spring


We have a wonderful giveaway for you from MacKenzie-Childs, details at the end of this post!

I must admit that Miss Coquille and I have been doing our usual “back and forthing” between the Gulf Coast and our “city” home

My fellow toters have been all over the place, Europe, Disney World, the Bahamas, and more!  You can find links to their adventures at the end of the post, you will want to see where they’ve been!


I also must tell you that Miss Coquille is very shy, she hates calling attention to herself in public,

I rarely get her to pose… she’s always with me somewhere, even if she’s not in a lot of photos





We traveled down to the coast early this Spring for the arrival of our new boat





A few days later the excitement escalated when the lift broke and it went shooting out into the water!






Luckily HHjr happened to be on the boat at the time, so he was able to get it back to the pier to be tied up until the lift was fixed






Miss Coquille loves a boat ride, and usually carries my camera so I can snap photos






We passed the favorite local hang-out, the Florabama “Yacht” Club on the Florida/Alabama state line






It’s an outdoor restaurant with picnic tables and sand for the floor, and you have to fight to get a “parking place”





We opted to go to the Sunset Grille, which has ample docking, shady tables and great food






On to Fairhope to visit a good friend

I always stop by the Fairhope park on the Eastern edge of Mobile Bay





It’s hazy, but you can see Mobile on the other side of the bay from the park






Fairhope is a charming town and has the most magnificent trees loaded with hanging Spanish Moss




Then it was on to my friends house for a tour

I wish I had before photos, it truly was just a tiny cabin, built by her uncle and her father back in the 1950s

Now it is a showplace, one large living/dining/kitchen area with bedroom wings off either side

There is a screened porch off the front and back, so many wonderful spaces in this house





She raised the ceilings and added beautiful crossbeams and built a gourmet kitchen off the back of the original house





This is the bar/butler’s pantry area joining the kitchen to the dining and living areas, perfect for entertaining!

My favorite part was the outdoor space in the backyard






A covered walkway joins the screen porch off the back of the kitchen to the detached garage





There is a table for outdoor dining under the roof, and a courtyard paved with beautiful salvaged old bricks




It’s gated and fenced, a totally private space with gorgeous landscaping and even an outdoor shower





I always drive the scenic route by the bay, and visit my favorite shop, the Garage Studio





It’s a treasure trove of original art and ceramics





Next it was back to the “city” for baseball games





A Spring Program





A violin solo




And 2 dance recitals

One of the dance recitals was at the historic Alabama Theatre, known as the “Showplace of the South” in downtown Birmingham.  It is such a fabulous place to experience. It is an old cinema house that has been restored now hosts a variety of cultural events.  We spent many years watching DD’s dance recitals here, so it was really special to see one of my grandchildren dancing here now

Look at that gold ticket booth!





2 Birthday Parties





And one very special ballet!





Then back to the beach for a quiet Memorial Day…






Which actually was very stressful as we braced for an early tropical storm, binge watching the weather channel, tying things down, bringing things inside, worrying ourselves sick…until it miraculously turned and missed us completely!





We enjoyed sunshine and just a few drops of rain…while our “city” home suffered Alberto’s wrath with high winds, torrential rains and power outages…






My life revolves around family and art, nothing very exciting, but it suits Miss Coquille and I just fine!




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Happy June!
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32 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Totes, Spring Outings”
  1. Mary says:

    I always enjoy seeing your adorable grands Jenna! I know you breathed a huge sigh of relief when Alberto shifted course…it seems MUCH too early to be worrying about hurricanes and tropical storms. Love your friend’s kitchen and porch area and the idea of using salvage brick for a patio. Your favorite shop looks like a wonderful spot to poke around too. Happy Friday ♥

  2. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, I know you are enjoying your family now so I hope the weather is great for all those adorable grands to enjoy their beach time. You certainly have been busy, coming and going. Goodness, that must have been scary and stressful when your lift broke with a new boat! Yikes, glad your son was onboard for the rescue although I’m sure that wasn’t a good ride for him. Oh those pics of FloraBama have me yearning for a beach trip! You know how much I love Fairhope, I go to some of those same locations when I’m there. Your friend’s home is beautiful. I really love the kitchen and outdoor spaces. When we lived in Birmingham we use to attend events a lot at the Alabama. It is indeed a special place. We took our son to movies there when he was little. Sweet memories. Great post Jenna. Let me know when you leave paradise for a city visit.

    • Thank you Emily, yes, my son’s face was white as a sheet after that incident! Everything is fixed now, and the boat has proven to be very lucky, they caught tons of snapper this weekend!

  3. Jenna, Miss Coquille and you have been busy with the most important things: being present for your beautiful grands! Congrats on your new boat, it looks like a fine one to enjoy the Gulf Coast. I love your friend’s home and who doesn’t love Fairhope?!! I am so glad Alberto missed you. What a fun giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sharon Mann says:

    Oh what a lovely trip, thanks for sharing.

  5. Karen says:

    Congratulations on your new boat, it is gorgeous. Have lots of happy moments on it. Sounds like busy but fun times for you and your family…I enjoy following along.

  6. Hellooo Miss Jenna… I certainly understand the Miss Coquille is a bit camera shy. She is nothing like my little ham, Miss Daisy. I need to take a nap after spending the afternoon with her! I will not show your blog to my Mr. because he will be pea-green with envy when spying that gorgeous new boat of yours. Speaking of envy, I absolutely love your friend’s home. That kitchen is to die for. Last but certainly not least, those grandchildren of yours are positively darling! Happiness bubbles from their sweet faces. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you have lots of boat time with the grands.

    • Oh, thank you Katie, they all just left and I’m in recovery mode! My Fairhope friend is single and this is THE perfect house for her, like a grown up dollhouse. The architect is a local, but pretty famous and her house is going to be featured in Mobile Bay Magazine this month, but I haven’t gotten a copy yet

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Miss Coquille is so pretty with a pink hat on even if she is a little camera shy.
    Wow, your new boat is beautiful. What a scare with the lift, glad nothing bad happened to the boat. I can’t believe you were lucky enough to miss Alberto and have a beautiful time.
    What a lovely home your friend has created. I too would love to see the before. They have done such a gorgeous job with so many lovely places to gather.
    We are all about family here too – all of the fun of the kids’ activities. I love that you included the little darlings. Oh those smiles….

  8. Cyndi Raines says:

    Precious grandchildren, congrats on the new boat, glad it and son weren’t damaged or hurt, friends cabin is awesome! You are one busy lady. Time to s l o w down and enjoy summer, right? 😊☀️🏖

  9. Linda says:

    Jenna, such a fun post. Always fun to be able to visit with the grands. So glad Alberto did not affect you. Our friends were fine as well. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner…busy with my Mom. How exciting a new boat. lots of fun times ahead. Miss Coquille looks so cute! She needs to get out more…lol. Your friend’s house is stunning. Love what they did with the design. Enjoy your sweet grands.

    • Thanks Linda, I am terrible about taking pics, and have a hard time setting up shots of my tote in public! I know you have your hands full with your Mom, I pray she will start to feel better…

  10. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, oh wow you were so lucky that you were not affected by the storm. You and your bag have been very busy. Congrats on the new boat too. I enjoyed looking at all of your photos.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Lea Culp says:

    Oh, we love, love Fairhope, one of the loveliest little towns around. And, your grans, how cute! Alberto played havoc with a lot of folks plans. Enjoyable post!

    • Thanks Lea, I love Fairhope, such an idyllic little town. It’s only an hour from our beach home, so I love to zip over there to shop and see friends. Hoping this isn’t going to be an active hurricane season for you & me!

  12. Rita C. says:

    Family and art – perfect! Your tales sound wonderfully comfortable to me, Jenna. I love your friend’s cottage! Your grands are absolutely adorable. Glad the storm escaped you at the beach home, and hope all is well at the city home too.

  13. Well they are the cutest “little ones!”…You have a piece of heaven in your beach home!! That must have been scary to see your new, beautiful boat “drop”…happy all is well. I would love to go gallivanting with you to that cute Garage Shop and the restaurants on the water – happy to hear the storm passed by your beach home!! it’s always fun to travel along with you!

  14. Kitty says:

    I think life revolving around family and art is just perfect for you and Miss Coquille , Jenna! I loved seeing your friend’s renovated cottage…how beautiful, and what a kitchen and outdoor area! The pics of your darling grands made me smile in just knowing the beauty of you getting to take part in their lives. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  15. Honestly, we made a mistake cancelling our beach plans. 🙁
    I loved seeing all your photos of Fairhope, and your new boat! Wow! And the grands!!!! I love the Alabama Theater, too. When Shanley Belle graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, her graduation was at the Alabama Theater, and the symphony orchestra played John Williams’s “Call of the Champions.” It was unforgettable! There’s something special about events there, whether it’s a concert, movie, or recital.
    So you DID go to the mullet toss! LOL the Florabama is so much fun!
    I hope you’re having a great start to your summer. Mine has been….interesting.


  16. Loved seeing your grands and hearing all about their activities.Your boating excursions sound delightful and the home tour of your friend was enjoyable. It is such a beautiful area.
    I am so sorry for all the stress about Alberto but relieved it passed you by. Your new boat is super. Glad your husband was in the boat.
    I’d say Miss Coquille has had a busy few months.

  17. debra cantales says:

    I always enjoy your seeing your precious grands Jenna! You remind me of my mom who always attended the grandchildren’s activities and she had nine. She was a busy lady now that I think about it! A life that revolves around family and art is a good life! Miss Coquille is a wonderful traveling companion, and I’m sure she loves the boat as much as you do. Thanks for taking us along on the home tour, it looked very inviting. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer on the water. xo

  18. I think Miss Coquille must have had a fabulous time because I am, just looking at her adventures!

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