Tablescapes, Summer’s End

Welcome to the beach! As Labor Day has come and gone, the end of summer is official and my heart gets a little heavier.  We actually have about 8 months of nice weather in the South and we’ll be able to swim until mid October.  But when school starts, and football begins, it is time to concentrate on Fall.  Now’s the time for one last beachy tablescape to celebrate summer’s end. I have been collecting fish, not intentionally they just seem to have swum in  over the years, and I discovered the other day they are all over this place!  So I decided to grab some things and build a tablescape.

AP [my sister-in-law] gave me this paper mache fish and I just LOVE it, she finds the greatest stuff.

This is a lantern we use on the outdoor table so this might work…

Some fishy wine glasses from

And this fun pitcher my good friend gave me, it’s called a “burping fish” pitcher because when you pour it it gurgles, making a ‘burping” sound.  It’s pretty hilarious.

I also got out this long varnished fish shaped board that my son, Hungry Husband Jr. made.  It will be perfect for the fajita buffet set-up [see Aug 16].  I will use the green margarita glasses for salsa, guacamole & sour cream, and use matching fish placemats on the table.

I used some solid color plates as chargers with smaller plates on top that have a blue border and wonky fishy stuff around the edge. I got these at Pier 1 ages ago.  I also used some fish napkin rings [another great gift from a friend] and threw some shells around.  The napkins are actually dish towels!  Look around, gather some of your favorite things…maybe its owls or elephants, pink things or polka dots…Just make a pile of stuff and see what you can create…look in unexpected places like maybe your jewelry box or perhaps a favorite book to inspire a theme…

I topped the plates with margarita glasses and a star fish, just for drama!

I decided not to use the lantern, and went with a large hurricane with blue sea glass and funky painted candlesticks [gift from my sisters]

The fish are having a grand old time!

Back to the buffet

I am going to put tortilla chips in the Martini Grande and grated cheese in the small shrimp bowl

and the chicken and steak will go on the fish board and tortillas on the blue fish plate on the far right.

With an additional blue plate for the sauteed veggies, we are ready for company.  [I got a little lazy with the sour cream and just stuck the container in the glass, whoops]

Bon Appetit!  Come back soon, and in the meantime create your own special tablescape!

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