Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Boo! and Welcome! There’s no need to FEAR, Why don’t you park your BROOM right here! Come on in through the door And see so much more… take a load off your feet, and by all means, TRICK OR TREAT!  Why don’t you take a SEAT? or how about a little something… SALTY … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Create A Casserole

I have been going rogue from my meal plan lately, can’t seem to stick with what I had originally decided, sometimes you simply change your mind and aren’t in the mood! When I got home from a busy day it was already 3, and I decided to “create” something for dinner.  This is a little … Continue reading

the Organized Life, “I don’t want to cook dinner!” 5 minute Warm Apple & Bleu Cheese Salad

OK, my friends think I cook ALL the time, my children KNOW BETTER, and yes, there are plenty of nights that I intend on cooking but just simply don’t feel like it!  Hungry Husband is so sweet, he’ll take anything, or he’ll throw something on the grill, but on his work days he comes home … Continue reading

Cupcakes & Tea for the Witch & Me!

Halloween is just around the corner so I decided a little insurance might be a good idea…Just in case a witch stops by, to cast a spell, or spill some spiders, or do some other ghastly prank or ghoulish trick…I set a table for her & me, so we could sit down for a cup … Continue reading

Creations, Judy’s Haunted Halloween

My very talented friend Judy recently invited me over to see her latest Halloween decor……with camera in tow, I couldn’t wait to see what she had come up with this year! When I saw her mailbox, I knew I was in for a treat! There were ghosts guarding the graveyard at the start of her … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Flatbread with Proscuitto & Apple

Do you have a go to favorite that you seem to want to make all the time?  Mine is flatbread or version thereof, I just love a crust of some kind with a delicious topping…an open face sandwich, a pizza…I seem to opt for that every time.  I decided to make a flatbread to go … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Halloween Beer Cheese Soup Buffet

It’s so easy to overlook the potential of something that has been hanging around your house for years, and sometimes you just have to stop and think, “how could I do something different with this?”  The other day I spied this ceramic pumpkin on a shelf in my garage.  I had totally forgotten about it, … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Secret Chicken Enchiladas

Everybody has a recipe for Chicken Enchiladas, but my “secret” is how easy these are, and I usually have all the ingredients on hand for a fast delicious family meal or a wonderful casserole to give to a friend.  You can make it ahead 24 hours, or freeze and bake later.  It would be a … Continue reading

Creations, Scarecrow Festival

I had a Halloween fun filled weekend in Orange Beach, Al beginning with a Scarecrow Festival at the Coastal Arts Center.  This has become an annual event and anyone can participate.  It is scary, creepy and fun to walk through the rows of creations and marvel at the imaginations at work! I hope you will … Continue reading

Party Panache, Hosting a Home Show

Do you ever go to home shows?  Have you ever hosted one?  Whether you are a guest, hostess or vendor they can be so much fun! Last weekend I participated in a home show at a good friend’s AMAZING house.  I didn’t take photos of the outside so use your imagination here.  The driveway is … Continue reading