Party Panache, Advance Planning for Easy Entertaining

An artist, a communications consultant, an editor, a photographer, a journalist, an author, a stylist, a decorator, a jewelry maker, an antique shop owner, a librarian, a cook, a recipe developer, a writer, a movie extra, a swim team mom, an etsy expert, a vocal coach, a crafter, a DIYer, a party planner, and a … Continue reading

Party Panache, Simple Dinner Party and Pasta Lollipop Trees

Several people have asked me to demonstrate how to put together a dinner party~ If you have a plan, everything is doable, and a dinner party becomes just another dinner I try to keep it SIMPLE, add some SPARK, and SPREAD out tasks over a few days This way I’m not overwhelmed, and entertaining is … Continue reading

Party Panache, Baby He or Baby She?

Last weekend we had a little shindig to celebrate the bundle of joy that DD [darling daughter] & NG [nicest guy, my son-in-law] are expecting in March.  We gathered the fam and a few special friends and had a “Reveal Party.” Reveal parties are all the rage right now, and let me tell you, it … Continue reading

Party Panache, Party Formulas

I have given many parties and will be the first to admit, it can be very TRICKY figuring out HOW MUCH FOOD people will eat. I have devised several FORMULAS to help you plan a great party!  Relax, I will share my best secrets with you… The standard caterer’s formula is based on appetizers per … Continue reading

Party Panache, Hosting a Home Show

Do you ever go to home shows?  Have you ever hosted one?  Whether you are a guest, hostess or vendor they can be so much fun! Last weekend I participated in a home show at a good friend’s AMAZING house.  I didn’t take photos of the outside so use your imagination here.  The driveway is … Continue reading