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The advantages of working from home are many, from being able to go to work in your PJs, to throwing a load of clothes in the washer and therefore multitasking work and housework, and working odd hours…but there are some disadvantages too, the distractions of home life and…having your kitchen look like this!

and this…

and this…

and this…

and then deciding you want to bake cookies! What?

You can see why I am always preaching organization, I am hoping to listen to myself…

But, ultimately something will get done! Here’s what happened…Recently I was invited to a girl’s night in the neighborhood so I wanted to create a special wine glass in honor of our hospitality chairman.

It’s always nice to arrive with a little something for your hostess. Whether it’s a weekend get away or an afternoon cup of tea, rest assured your host or hostess has taken some time and effort to make your experience enjoyable.  Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, even the smallest token will be most appreciated and you will rocket to the top of the VIP guest list.  I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookie bars to take along to the gathering,  she could either serve them at the party, or share with her family later,  or freeze them for future use.  You should never take something that the hostess feels obligated to serve right away!  She has probably got everything planned out, so leave it up to him or her and bring something that they can keep to enjoy another time.  As I was baking, I had an inspiration, why not a wine glass too? Of Course!!! My JMdesigns line “the Girls” definitely needed a hostess!  So she was created, in honor of Cindy, and the millions of hostesses everywhere who continue the hospitality tradition!

It says hostess mostess around the base and she is holding a wine bottle in one hand and a platter of chicken in the other.  That’s how we do it in the South y’all!

You can also include a bottle of wine with the glass or fill it with some candies.  Sometimes I wrap glasses in organza bags…

These drawstring bags are 6″x10″

They are fun dropped over the top and tied around the stem…

or tied around the base like a skirt.  An oil or soap  bottle would make an awesome host/hostess gift too, perhaps a chef design? [see August 27 2012]

and even though they don’t really fit in these 6″x10″ bags


they fit perfectly in a standard sized wine gift bag

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your next hostess gift or wrapping project…sometimes a unique wrapping touch will make an average gift over the top special!  Even if you just tie a bow or some raffia on a bottle of wine it shows that you put some thought and effort into your gift and didn’t just stop at the gas station and grab something on your way over. Visit my gallery, to shop for the items pictured here.  I get my wrapping supplies from, Hobby Lobby & Michael’s [ribbon],  and the polka dot organza bags are available from

Check tomorrow’s post for the recipe for Heaven in a Cookie Bar!

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