Gifts for the Kitchen! Kitchen Wish Lists & Rosemary Salt

Here is a super simple and festive gift that is sure to be treasured by any friend or hostess.  Rosemary Salt is a divine compliment to meat, nuts, vegetables, just about anything that you want to salt and add a hint of rosemary…


It’s so easy to make, just fresh rosemary & 2 kinds of salt, some jars and Voila! A delicious holiday gift! I’ll show you how to make it in a sec…

Lately my family has been asking what do I want for Christmas?  I am lucky enough to have a birthday in December too, so they are really panicking! I really haven’t even had time to think about it, I guess I just want World Peace, like everyone else, a balanced budget and a debt free government, good health and my children and my grandchildren’s happiness…but, they keep pestering me so there are a few kitchen things I would love to have…

Baking Stone, or Pizza Stone  We have one for the outdoor grill, but I would love to have one to use in my oven for breads and baking.

Large teflon skillet  I know, good cooks don’t use teflon skillets, sorry, I like them! Every now and then you just need to replace it and mine is worn out!

Immerisble blender  I had one once and it never worked right, but I think it would be handy to have

Toaster oven for the beach house, the toaster we have there is a nightmare!

Clock  We have had a clock in the same place in the kitchen for 20 years and it recently broke.  We all still look at the space it occupied several times a day, which is frustrating because in place of the clock now is a painting of radishes.  As lovely as it is, it does not reveal the time!


These clocks are pretty cute…

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 6.35.01 PM

Which one do you like better?

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 7.28.06 PM

I can’t decide! Hmmm…London or Paris, decisions decisions…

I have a pretty good shot at getting kitchen stuff because they all feel like they will reap the benefits!


WHAT IS ON YOUR WISH LIST?  Have you told SANTA? Don’t be afraid to drop little hints to your loved ones…

Just in case you need some inspiration, these are the things in my kitchen I couldn’t live with out:

extra large cutting board I use it for everything from doughs to chopping, to making enchiladas.  This one is large enough to do several things at once.  Keep your board hydrated and happy by rubbing it with MINERAL OIL occasionally.


kitchen scissors [at least 2 pair] I use them to cut bacon, chives and herbs, lots of different things, that’s why I like several pairs,  so I always have some clean ones.  If I use them for packaging I make sure they are clean before they go back to food.

olive oil bottle Keep one handy by the stove for fast work of sauteeing and prepping


mini scoopers [for making cookies, cupcakes, appetizers]


slow cooker


What are your favorite kitchen helpers?  Be sure to tell Santa what you are wishing for!

Here’s the details on the Rosemary Salt


Strip the leaves off the fresh rosemary stems by just running your fingers up the shaft opposite the direction the leaves are growing and they’ll pop right off


Combine 1 cup coarse sea salt and 1 cup rosemary leaves in food processor


Pulse in short bursts until the rosemary begins to break down evenly


and is basically the same size as Kosher salt


Then just combine this with 3 cups Kosher salt and that’s it!


Mix thoroughly


and pour into some cute jars


and you are a rock star!


I made some circle tags on my computer and just glued them to the jar lids, added some ribbon and now I had a stash of gifts ready for giving!

Here’s the recipe:


Course condiment
Cuisine American


  • small jars


  • 1 cup coarse sea salt
  • 1 cup fresh rosemary leaves
  • 3 cups Kosher salt


  • Combine coarse sea salt and rosemary in a food processor and process in short bursts until rosemary is about the same size as the salt crystals.
  • Mix in together with the Kosher salt in a large bowl. Combine thoroughly and divide into small jars.
  • Makes enough for 8 4 oz jars.
Keyword gift idea, herb seasoned salt, Rosemary salt

Thanks for stopping by and if you leave me a comment about your wish list I will pass it right on to Santa!

The painted glassware is from JMdesigns Gallery

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12 Responses to “Gifts for the Kitchen! Kitchen Wish Lists & Rosemary Salt”
  1. Ricki Owen says:

    I vote London:)

  2. What a great gift idea! Love rosemary! 🙂

  3. Danni@SiloHillFarm says:

    I am loving this rosemary salt as a gift idea (and for myself as well!) what a great combination! Pinning it!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Such a wonderful gift and so easy to make. I harvested all of my rosemary and have plenty in the fridge. Until yesterday I could have gone and cut more but we had a big snow yesterday and today. I will have to whip some up. We made an herbed salt in Italy and added fresh garlic to it also. I still have tons of that too.

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