Party Panache, Caramel Butterscotch Smoothie

January’s “Seasonal Sipper” is an adult smoothie, sure to warm you up  on a cold winter’s eve! This enticing cocktail has equal parts Bailey’s Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka, and Buttershots, Butterscotch Schnapps.  A little drizzle of caramel on the inside of your glass and you won’t care how cold it is outside! With a tray … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Valentine Birthday

HHjr’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, so we are having a little celebration the night before.  When I am doing a dinner party I love to be able to set the table in advance.  This gives me plenty of time to tweak it and get it just right.  Plus, that leaves the valuable time right before … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Chicken, Apple & Spinach Manicotti

We have been eating a lot of apples around here lately, ever since we found out that they are a natural remedy for acid reflux and they have so many other health benefits.  It’s been fun to incorporate them into unexpected places like this recipe for Chicken, Apple, & Spinach Manicotti. Manicotti is a great … Continue reading

Home Decor, Mini Master Makeover

The other day while I was making our bed I thought, “gee, these pillow shams look a little tired…” I knew I didn’t want to redo the whole bedroom, no time or budget for that, plus I love the celery, black and cream palette that is in there. It coordinates perfectly with the master bath … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Sweet Heart Cakes

These little Sweet Heart Cakes are deceivingly delicious! They are just yellow cake mix, eggs, butter and sugar, but the result is light and yet rich enough to make you smile and say ummmmmm! For last Sunday’s birthday party, I decided to take a cake recipe from my January Paint Bucket {my bucket list of … Continue reading

Tablescapes, January Birthday with a Sweet Heart Cake

Last weekend we celebrated my MIL’s birthday, and after a crazy weather week… It SNOWED!  This doesn’t happen often and really wasn’t predicted to have any travel impact, BUT, it did! Birmingham was shut down from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning with an impressive measly 2 inches of snow!  We are not very good at … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Crescent King Cake

Here is the perfect treat you can whip up for Mardi Gras season! It based on crescent roll dough so it goes together quickly and easily.  A little colored icing and your guests and friends will think you are a professional baker! All you need is a can of Crescent Rolls, butter, brown sugar, pecans … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Remember that centerpiece I had on the table in the foyer? Nothing stays the same around here too long…and I was dying to transform this into a table for an elegant evening for dining and Mardi Gras celebrating! If you missed it you can read some interesting facts about the Mardi Gras traditions by clicking … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Easy Focaccia Bread

I am not a bread maker, me of little patience, but  not too long ago I got the strongest urge to tackle homemade bread.  I am going to save you some time here, by keeping a LONG  story VERY short.  I will not mention the money I invested in a sour dough starter kit from … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Italian Tetrazzini

This dish came together totally by accident, but it’s a keeper and I will make it again and again.  I made this last week when it was rainy and cold.  I had planned to go out and do some errands and grocery shopping but the weather was so grim…and wet…and cold…and I’m a wimp…There WAS … Continue reading