I was Featured!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you to all my wonderful friends, followers and fellow bloggers for visiting the Painted Apron, we are going to have LOTS of creative fun in 2013! I started blogging Aug 1 2012, and there is still so much to learn and so many things to figure out to make my blog … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Favorites from 2012

Here are some of my favorite tablescapes from this year that you might have missed, another review of the seasons and happy memories… SEAFOOD LUNCHEON SUMMER’S END WALK ON THE WILD SIDE FALL AT THE BEACH TRICK OR TREAT TABLE HALLOWEEN BEER CHEESE SOUP BUFFET GENDER REVEAL PARTY THANKSGIVING FOR 2 IRON BOWL BREAKFAST WITH … Continue reading

Tablescapes, 2012 Favorite Centerpieces

Playing with tablescapes, centerpieces and vignettes is really a passion for me, I am constantly changing, rearranging and tweaking things around my house. When the seasons change, I get so excited about bringing a totally new look to our decor, mainly by using what I already have in different ways.   Just because you always … Continue reading

Recipe Box, 2012 Favorites

Here are my favorite recipes from 2012.  They are linked to the day they were posted on the Painted Apron so you can check them out quickly! Put these on your to do list sometime, I think you’ll be pleased!  These are my TOP TEN! CHOCOLATE CASHEW BARS BLT SLIDERS FLATBREAD with PEAR, BACON & … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Dieter’s Pasta

Okay, it’s the day after Christmas and you are probably feeling fat and tired after all that holiday food and fun.  Not to worry, here is a go to favorite, that is simple to prepare, satisfying and full of healthy veggies, not calories.  It will start you well on your way to all those New … Continue reading

Merry Merry!

Today I’m having breakfast with Santa, my Santa, who is the real Santa to me! We will celebrate with our children and grandchildren later but this morning it’s just us…it will be nice after a crazy house full yesterday!  We are going to have a leisurely breakfast and open our gifts to each other and … Continue reading

Party Panache, Christmas Eve Menu

I took my own advice and decided to SIMPLIFY things a few days ago when I was feeling a little overwhelmed…give yourself permission, it’s OK! Everyone will still have a JOLLY time, and you won’t be exhausted…I axed a few things from the menu that were labor intensive and replaced them with simpler fare.  I … Continue reading

Gifts from the kitchen, Last MInute Guy Gift

Every man I know is a grilling fool, master.  HH and HHjr can discuss grilling all day long, and they both have 3 different types of grills, gas, charcoal and a Green Egg.  I have my quirks too, so I try not to comment.  The other day they went to the grocery store… All they … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Ham & Asparagus Casserole

Here’s a great dish to use up some of your holiday leftovers.  Ham, asparagus, egg noodles and a simple bechamel sauce and a little cheese makes for a delicious and satisfying meal.  It’s fast and easy too, 20 minutes and it’s ready for the oven. I had some ham in the freezer from Thanksgiving.  I … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Magic Potatoes

Have you run out of time and energy yet? Are you wondering how you are EVER going to get everything done?  Are you thinking, why did I volunteer to make Martha Stewart’s  authentic French Potato Au Gratin with homegrown potatoes from your organic garden?  Don’t worry! Relax! I’ve got your back…Magic Potatoes are the answer … Continue reading