Recipe Box, Umami

Have you heard of umami?   I have been hearing a lot about it lately… It is considered to be the fifth taste after sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. It can unofficially be described as “a savory, pleasant taste” Well, I’ve decided I must be a umami addict… I describe it as the perfect combination of … Continue reading

Recipe Box, 2013 Monthly Favorites

Thanks so much for a wonderful year, I appreciate your visits so much! Here’s a list of the most popular recipes from 2013. These were the monthly favorites~ JANUARY Hash Brown Muffins 4 Ways! FEBRUARY Valentine Cheese Hearts MARCH Cotton Tail Cake APRIL Lemon Chive Butter and Pear & Raspberry Vinaigrette MAY Red White and … Continue reading

the Organized Life, the March Paint Bucket

Boy, February FLEW by! I am surprised I got so many things made from my bucket list in February but it filled its purpose, giving me meal ideas when I had no time to think! The monthly bucket list is my way of organizing my cooking thoughts and managing recipes that I want to try.  … Continue reading

Recipe Box, 2012 Favorites

Here are my favorite recipes from 2012.  They are linked to the day they were posted on the Painted Apron so you can check them out quickly! Put these on your to do list sometime, I think you’ll be pleased!  These are my TOP TEN! CHOCOLATE CASHEW BARS BLT SLIDERS FLATBREAD with PEAR, BACON & … Continue reading