The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

It’s almost August and I want to continue to enjoy the flavors of fresh peaches, corn, berries, and zucchini You will find these ingredients in the recipes listed below, plus several recipes with sweet vidalia onions The flavor/theme of the month is Vidalia Onion You can see photos of the recipes in the August section … Continue reading

The Organized Life, May Paint Bucket

This Spring is flying by, it’s so hard to believe tomorrow is May 1! Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, all coming up~ and we will be celebrating a lot of family birthdays too! There ended up being a lot of salads and lighter meals on the bucket list this … Continue reading

The Organized Life, January Paint Bucket

Yay! We made it!! Happy 2021!! This month we’re going to put an American twist on recipes inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and also lighten them up and make them healthier… The flavor/theme of the month for January is International Appetizers Artichoke Aoili Pizza, original recipe Bacon Asparagus Brie Bites from Delish … Continue reading

The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

  How is it possible that it’s almost August already? While perusing recipes for my monthly bucket list I was having trouble finding recipes that I hadn’t seen a zillion times before… So few were jumping out and grabbing my attention But then I got an idea! 💡 Instead of making trendy recipes this month, … Continue reading

The Organized Life, May Paint Bucket

Happy Mayday! Are you Gathering ‘Round the Maypole today? My bucket list of recipes to try in May is spilling over with colorful dishes and bright spring flavors Here are the recipes I’m thinking about making this month Appetizers and Small Plates Fried Onion Dip from the Food Network Bleu Cheese Crostini with Balsamic Roasted … Continue reading

The Organized Life, February Paint Bucket

I love February! Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras Season and all the wonderful Spring holidays coming up! I had lots of fun making my recipe inspiration list for this month~ Appetizers Cheddar Ale Dip with Homemade Pretzels Vegetable Pot Stickers from the Well Floured Kitchen Homemade Velvetta from Juanita’s Cocina Appetizer Spoons Sides Zucchini Fritters Roasted … Continue reading

the Organized Life, the April Paint Bucket

I think I got pranked early for April Fool’s Day.  I’m pretty sure it was the Leprechauns.  I had a recipe on my bucket list for March called Pistachio Fudge.  The basic recipe was white chocolate and nuts.  I decided to tweak this into more of a cookie.  It failed.  TWICE.  How can that be, … Continue reading

the Organized Life, the March Paint Bucket

Boy, February FLEW by! I am surprised I got so many things made from my bucket list in February but it filled its purpose, giving me meal ideas when I had no time to think! The monthly bucket list is my way of organizing my cooking thoughts and managing recipes that I want to try.  … Continue reading