The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

It’s almost August and I want to continue to enjoy the flavors of fresh peaches, corn, berries, and zucchini You will find these ingredients in the recipes listed below, plus several recipes with sweet vidalia onions The flavor/theme of the month is Vidalia Onion You can see photos of the recipes in the August section … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday, Peach & Berry Recipes

I have rounded up some unique ways to enjoy fresh peaches and berries this summer Have you ever had fruit on a pizza? My family loves Hawaiian Pizza with ham & pineapple How about something more unexpected Fresh Peach Pizza with Sausage, Prosciutto & Balsamic Full Moon Flatbread is a crazy good combination of summer … Continue reading

The Organized Life, July Paint Bucket

Happy July! 🎆 🧨 🎇 I hope you are having a wonderful summer 🌴 This month I am looking forward to enjoying delicious summer tomatoes and fruit You can see photos of all the recipes on the list below in the July section of my Monthly Pinterest board here The flavors of the month are … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday, Summer Grilling Recipes

I’m getting ready to head to the beach tomorrow for the week of the 4th of July with my family I have been thinking about our menu and have rounded up a few Summer favorites that are great for the grill We rarely go out to dinner in the Summer, the restaurants are just too … Continue reading

Easy Recipes for Memorial Day

We will be spending Memorial Day at the beach, and being the first weekend of Summer, we won’t be the only ones! We always cook, the restaurants are much too crowded My son, the chef, and I like to think about the menu in advance so I have been looking through my recipes, collecting easy … Continue reading

The Organized Life, August Paint Bucket

Tomorrow is August 1, which means Summer is rapidly slipping away …But! As much as we all love thinking about Fall, cooler temps and comfort food, I still want to savor the last days Summer I was having trouble picking a theme/flavor of the month because this list is such a hodge podge of recipes… … Continue reading

Views from the Porch, 4th Fun & Menu

I’ve been relaxing at the beach this past week, lots of fun, friends, fireworks and fish! The guys love to go fishing, especially during Snapper season They’ve caught some big ones! CC brought her gymnastics mat and it didn’t take the kids long to discover it made a great slide into the pool We caught … Continue reading

Recipe Box, The Chef’s Best!

Happy Father’s Day! I know people think I do a lot of cooking, but truth be known I have a resident chef… We have a multi-generational household and he and I tag team the cooking and shopping for meals Sooo… In honor of my chef son, who is one of the world’s greatest Dads, I … Continue reading

The Organized Life, July Paint Bucket

Happy July! When I think of summer food treats, I think of fresh corn, juicy ripe summer tomatoes, zucchini and fresh Alabama peaches I am featuring Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini & Peach recipes for the Flavors of the month for July Appetizers Peach Margaritas from Baker by Nature Zucchini Hushpuppies from Miss Information Creamy Corn Dip … Continue reading

Tablescapes, a Trip to the South Pacific

I thought we’d take a little trip today, how about joining me in the South Pacific? The inspiration for this table and bar was the Broadway show, South Pacific This post was originally part of a tablescape hop 4 years ago To celebrate New York’s reopening and the beginning of Summer I thought it would … Continue reading