Gifts from the Kitchen, Gingerbread “Man” Basket

My very favorite gift to give is a basket full of goodies, it’s fun to shop for the fillers, and it’s a one size fits all!   I needed a birthday gift for a very special guy I decided to visit my favorite HomeGoods to see what I could come up with…     The … Continue reading

Holidays, Man Bait for Valentines Day

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach~ Here are some goodies to get you there in a hurry!! One bite of chocolate drizzled caramel maple bacon and he’ll be hooked! Toss in a chocolate dipped caramel drizzled potato chip and he’ll be all yours! I cooked the bacon on a … Continue reading

Creations, Last Minute Gift Ideas

HH’s mother will be 98 in January and is still sharp as a tack.  She is a tough old bird  so hard to shop for, you know insists she doesn’t need anything and doesn’t want more stuff.   I decided this year to take her some Christmas goodies to enjoy now,  instead of giving her … Continue reading

Gifts from the kitchen, Last MInute Guy Gift

Every man I know is a grilling fool, master.  HH and HHjr can discuss grilling all day long, and they both have 3 different types of grills, gas, charcoal and a Green Egg.  I have my quirks too, so I try not to comment.  The other day they went to the grocery store… All they … Continue reading