Gifts from the kitchen, Last MInute Guy Gift

Every man I know is a grilling fool, master.  HH and HHjr can discuss grilling all day long, and they both have 3 different types of grills, gas, charcoal and a Green Egg.  I have my quirks too, so I try not to comment.  The other day they went to the grocery store…


All they bought was meat! Meat, meat and more meat! Oh, yeah, and a bottle of Bar-B-Q sauce… Really?


Last year HHjr gave his dad plastic tubs full of different kind of chips to use when grilling and he LOVED it! He kept the plastic tubs right by the grill, outside all year long, handy and dry.  Recently he used the last of them and said, tell HHjr to refill these tubs for me for Christmas!


HHjr also needed a gift for NG, his brother-in-law, and BE, his cousin’s hubby whose name he drew for our family Christmas present swap…he decided to do this for all of themDSC_5245

He got the wood chips at Academy Sports and picked up the Sterilite tubs at Target.


I told him those labels would just pull right off…looks like he started doing that…hope he finished…who am I kidding, guys don’t even NOTICE stuff like that!


Last year he cut the labels off the bags and glued them on HH’s tubs


He decided to just use a sharpie this year!  As I said, guys don’t care! We would have designed some cute label or downloaded a printable label…


But hey, he created 3 GREAT GIFTS in just a few minutes!  They are tucked away in my garage until he figures out how to wrap them…He said something about getting some moving boxes from Home Depot {his favorite store} so it ought to be interesting to see how this turns out…

He also prints out an info sheet pairing the different flavored chips with foods they compliment and some recipes to try.


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6 Responses to “Gifts from the kitchen, Last MInute Guy Gift”
  1. Maureen Birdsong says:

    Wonderful! Bob says maple is good with pork chops, wish I had had this idea yesterday when my son called as he does every year to get last minute gift ideas. By the way, I have APPLE angel wings ready for the oven right now! Can’t wait for Bob to try them as I must confess, I did not share the raspberry ones you made. yum. Also, when I got the crescent rolls at The Pig yesterday, they had seamless crescent roll dough. too Easy! Merry Christmas. Keep the blogs coming. Mo

    Sent from my iPad

    • Ohh, apple sounds good! Let me know how they turn out! I have been looking for the seamless dough and Publix doesn’t have it, so next time I will swing by the Pig!
      Merry Merry Christmas! Let’s do lunch in Jan!

  2. Susan Mowris says:

    This is brilliant! and I have two son-in-laws that would be absolutely delighted to receive and since I still need to find another ‘sumpin sumpin’ for them, I think I’ll be stealing your idea! Any chance your hubby would share his printed tip and menu sheet?

    Thanks so much and Happy Holiday!

  3. You are SO funny! I think my husband may be the only guy on earth who could care less about grilling. I think he’s too much of a nerd to go there. 🙂 I’m usually the one relegated to the heat and humidity to grill. Ugh! 🙁 This is a capital idea, though! A griller’s delight!!! It WILL be interesting to see how he decides to wrap the boxes!!!!

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