Tablescapes, Ghosts on the Coast

You might not be aware, but you’d better beware! There are ghosts on the coast! There’s a mansion they’re haunting It’s really quite daunting! It’s CREEPY….. it’s SCARY…. Be CAREFUL… be WARY… What’s on the menu, you might dare to ask~ A Potion of Earthworms and other Deadly Morsels…       What a sumptuous repast! You can … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Under a Spell

It’s awful!! It’s frightful!! The spooks have been spooked! It’s just much too scary It must be a fluke! A tornado on Spooky Street on a dark autumn night brought the house down on Broomhilda It’s a terrible sight!! The goblins are panicked, they don’t know what to do All you can hear is Boooooooo … Continue reading

Tablescapes, I Want My Mummy!

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls oh my! The only thing missing are bats flying by A wise old owl surveys the scene Of all things scary Halloween A vampire grins  on a glassy plate….I hope his bite won’t be your fate! And look there’s more for the owl to see From his cheesy nest above the … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Feelin’ Witchy?

Welcome! There’s a small gathering of witches here this evening Don’t mind Casper Jr. over there, he just thinks he’s scary as does little Miss “Boo-Hoo!” There’s broom parking here if you need it The witches will be arriving soon, but I can show you around in the meantime~Come on in! The table in the … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Snow White & the Poison Apple

I’m joining the Apple Table challenge over at Cuisine Kathleen this week. Since we are all getting in the swing of Fall I couldn’t resist adding in a little Halloween fun… I have these plates and HH eats apples every day {the health benefits are astonishing, you can read more about it here} and somehow … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Favorites from 2012

Here are some of my favorite tablescapes from this year that you might have missed, another review of the seasons and happy memories… SEAFOOD LUNCHEON SUMMER’S END WALK ON THE WILD SIDE FALL AT THE BEACH TRICK OR TREAT TABLE HALLOWEEN BEER CHEESE SOUP BUFFET GENDER REVEAL PARTY THANKSGIVING FOR 2 IRON BOWL BREAKFAST WITH … Continue reading