Creations, Design with PicMonkey, its a Hoot!

Super Boy and Big E were very excited about their first day of school last week so I quickly created these good luck signs for them in PicMonkey, using a variety of overlays and fonts     I have discovered that designing creations using PicMonkey is a great way to not only make cute printables, … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Feelin’ Witchy?

Welcome! There’s a small gathering of witches here this evening Don’t mind Casper Jr. over there, he just thinks he’s scary as does little Miss “Boo-Hoo!” There’s broom parking here if you need it The witches will be arriving soon, but I can show you around in the meantime~Come on in! The table in the … Continue reading

Creations, Burlap Owl with a Ball Jar

I hope you won’t be disappointed…Super Boy did not help me make this owl….I woke up the other day with this overwhelming urge to make an owl and I just couldn’t wait~ Strike while the iron is hot and all that… This is truly a 15 minute craft Unless the plumber is at your house … Continue reading