Tablescapes, January Birthday with a Sweet Heart Cake

Last weekend we celebrated my MIL’s birthday, and after a crazy weather week…


It SNOWED!  This doesn’t happen often and really wasn’t predicted to have any travel impact, BUT, it did! Birmingham was shut down from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning with an impressive measly 2 inches of snow!  We are not very good at the snow thing around here so it’s best that it doesn’t happen often!


The snow cleared early and by Saturday, 2 days later, it was 60 degrees! That’s why we love the South!  HH came home with these flowers from the grocery store {SWEET!} What a fresh breath of Spring they were.  Of course my first thought was TABLESCAPE!  And immediately I began planning it in my mind…


Inspired by the flowers, I wanted to use pink and lime, MIL loves these colors and they would be so spring-like and happy after dreary January days.  Plus the pink would tie in with a little early Valentine decor.  I started with the centerpiece, which came out crazy cute.  I used a bright pink heart throw rug on the center of the table, topped it with a rustic green stand, topped that with a small glass tier which held the infamous puzzle cake.


it’s a wooden puzzle cake that I bought from a catalog…


This cake has been part of our family birthday celebrations since our children were itty bitty.  If it does not appear at every birthday, I hear plenty of complaints!  They always make fun of it and me, but they EXPECT it always!  It’s a silly little tradition that is just fun!


I topped the cake with a colorful raffia bow, and added some curly ribbons to the chandelier.  It looked very festive!


I added some faux silver packages {part of my Christmas decor} and tucked in some ceramic cupcakes and green moss balls.  Quite an eclectic mix, but it was making me smile.  It was almost Dr. Seuss like in it’s silliness.


Out came the green fabric place mats topped with some pink stripped straw ones.


I used my finest silverware, a square ceramic white dinner plate, a pewter salad plate, and a fine china cake plate.  The craziness continued!


It was a marvelous contrast of texture!


The “birthday girl’s” plate was marked with an individual cake dome and a glittery glass cupcake


She felt special indeed!


I added the silver chalices that belonged to my Mother and some candlesticks covered in a stripped knitted wrapping.


Can you see the little silver metal present perched on the candlestick?  It was a luncheon, we wouldn’t need candles.


I made these heart shaped cakes in lieu of a birthday cake, they aren’t that pretty, but they taste AMAZING!  I decided the crackled topping looks kinda like lace.  Imagination is important!


I tucked them under a Valentine’s dome to wait until after lunch.  I’m sure you purists out there think this is an unholy alliance of things, but it was actually really cute!


You are really going to die when you hear the menu…it makes about as much sense as the table!

Ryan’s Secret and Now Famous Barbequed Chicken

Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary Salt and Lemon Olive oil

Spinach Salad with fresh strawberries, oranges and pine nuts

Individual Sweet Heart Cakes

my MIL LOVES  BBQ, the snow was gone and it was a sunny 62 degrees last Sunday so why not!

We had a grand time!  New Baby seemed to enjoy it!


I will be posting the recipes for the menu items very soon.  The Sweet Heart Cakes are TDF, you know to die for!

The painted glassware is from JMdesigns Gallery

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6 Responses to “Tablescapes, January Birthday with a Sweet Heart Cake”
  1. I just love this whimsical table! I’m sure your MIL felt very special! The puzzle cake is awesome as well! I have seen those in the kids’ videos “The Toy Castle” and thought they were very cute! I love the color combos too! =)

  2. Oh, yeah…you guys would lose your minds up here in Missouri with the snows we get!!! 🙂 “Dr. Seuss-like”….I LIKE that description! I am sure your mother-in-law appreciated the lightheartedness of it all! I know I would!!! The puzzle cake is a fun inside joke/tradition that I’m sure gets a big laugh every time it makes an appearance. It’s fun to have something like that show up kinda like “Where’s Waldo?” at birthdays! (Our deal is a Cat in the Hat-style birthday cake hat!) Everything is super colorful and cheery which is perfect for brightening up a dreary January day. I like the doubled up placemats!!!

    • Ok, your turn, I want to see that Cat in the Hat birthday hat!! I had a lot of fun doing that crazy tablescape, no boundaries, no rules! Some times you just have to loosen things up a little! I don’t have stacks of dishes and closets full of linens so doing a tablescape requires some imagination for me, repurposing what I have. Thanks so much for always seeming to “get” what I’m doing! Have a great weekend, Jenna

      Jenna Meon

  3. Hi Jenna! What a beautiful tablescape. Thank you for your kind comments on my Oriental Sausage rolls. Here in Australia, we eat a lot of both. What you guys call ‘egg rolls’, we call ‘spring rolls’ and are standard fare as an appetiser to Chinese food. Sausage rolls are usually sausage mince wrapped in puff pastry and are as common as a sandwich for us and available at all the bakeries along with meat pies. I tried to merge the two in my recipe. A healthy alternative to both. Hope you give them a try sometime. Thanks for stopping by. Anne xx

  4. Cynthia says:

    Okay, seriously love the table.. I love, love, love the cake puzzle. It is so unique. You are so kind to have visited my cardinal table and I really appreciate your kind words. The cardinal salt shaker is sitting on top of a pepper bird bath shaker. It was $5 and so stinking cute. Your mother in law is very lucky to have such a sweet birthday party and daughter in law like you.


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